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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Too Much Love for Mere Mortals - Athlete Idols

You can't speak negatively about them or mention anything that exposes their false facades or else be labeled a trouble-maker or conspiracy theorist by loyalists.  Despite the facts, the beloved athletes' handlers are going to spin scandals, do a bit of brainwashing on the public, and other things to keep the fans/idol worshipers loyal and the secrets hidden.

Favorite athletes will throw games.
Favorite athletes will fake injuries.
Favorite athletes are hypocrites.
Favorite athletes are obedient slaves.
Favorite athletes do lie for their masters.
Favorite athletes will sleep with others for the right price.
Favorite athletes are told they are gods.
Favorite athletes have little reverence for the one true God.
Favorite athletes love money and their love is what drives evil.
Favorite athletes don't care for you and oftentimes not for partners either.  They are actors.
Favorite athletes signs and symbols they throw up are a secret language not for fans, but for those who own them.

I learned the hard way when I spoke to more than a few fans about their beloved entertainers.  These individuals were clueless as to who or what they admired so much.  They didn't want to hear or see anything that would disrupt their false images in their minds of their favorite athletes.  They had excuses for disturbing tats on arms. They didn't want to believe any of the previous statements.  They just wanted to be lulled back to sleep with sweet phrases like, "He is of a kind.  A great athlete--the best."

Interesting how we are very careful where we go and what children are exposed to but when it comes to celebrities we are fools for love!  We don't think much about those people who we welcome into our homes via television screens, radio, and more. But we should!

Question why some are paid so much money to do what appears to be no more than what your son or daughter does on the field or court in your local town.  Consider why would so many athletes end up sickly as a result of years of service while being told to be quiet about anything that may cast a shadow on their former employers.

Take a look at sports teams a bit more closely and their seen and unseen connections.  Do your own research and don't believe the hype or mainstream media.  Question why do some often make it to championships while others do not.  Ask why select stars on teams are often in front of the cameras while teammates are expected to sing praises of these golden children, but what about their own accomplishments and how they aided the team?  The black sheep of the team are told to stand down even when these "stars" are not worthy of any one's respect out of view of camera lights.

Organizations do manufacture star players and they can also train them well to be good puppets that keep secrets.  Research how the stars are made and what the reasoning was behind this business model.  Athletes are more than what they appear to be--they have secrets and lots of them!

Far too many naive and television "programmed" men and women love performers/actors in their "programs." Celebrities who play with balls get more love than the God who created them and then one wonders why our jealous Maker exposes them too.

If you call yourself a believer, you would think twice about worshiping idols/icons and welcome insightful information that frees you from the pain you experience when your favorite team doesn't win or athlete retires or dies.

Nicholl McGuire    

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

You Don't Get Very Far in this World Unless You Belong to the Right Club - Not Just Any Club

There are a lot of groups you know about and many more you don't.  It isn't what you know, but who you know, so the old adage goes. 

Joining the wrong group, an active one but with little societal impact, or an inactive one will not do anything more than take your monthly or annual dues. 

Here is a long list of groups for your information and many are not that effective.  Secret Society, Fraternal groups...knock yourself out researching all of them.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Let's Keep Lie Exposing, Truth-Telling in the New Year!

I just wanted to take this moment to thank the contributors of this blog and all those who have shared their entries.  I am so glad that so many truth-seekers have found it useful.  I look forward to having an even better year exposing the myths and media hype around the web and offline!

At this time we are welcoming any contributors who would like to be featured for their discoveries on this blog and personal experiences whistle-blowing.  Also any individual or business who would like to purchase ad space, do make contact.

Feel free to reply to this post or contact me at

Nicholl McGuire is the manager of this blog, a self-published author, inspirational speaker, and business owner originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.   She has been a featured guest on television and radio talk shows such as networks CBS and WPXI Channel 11.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Did You Know December 10th is a celebration of Human Rights?

It's a bit of a challenge to celebrate something when you know people who have had their human rights violated in various ways.  Good example of media propaganda to hide what really goes on around the world.

Here's what was sent to me via email.

"Happy National Human Rights Day! Celebrated annually across the
world on this day, Human Rights Day highlights the United
Nations General Assembly's adoption of the Universal Declaration
of Human Rights in 1948. The UDHR was one of the first global
proclamations of human rights providing a common standard of
achievement for the rights and freedoms of people around the
world. Though the UDHR is not a binding document, it has served
as the catalyst for more than 60 human rights instruments geared
toward declaring international standards for the rights of
humanity. The UN Secretary-General even launched a year-long
campaign building up to the 60th anniversary of the UDHR in
2008. Here's to humanity!"

Keep your eyes open and don't believe the hype.

Monday, December 7, 2015

USA President Barack Obama admits has Lack of strategy against ISIS ISIL...

Celebrity Foolishness, Drunkness, and Plans That Have Little to Do with Fans

In order for a superstar to remain relevant a celebrity's handlers must pollute our minds with everything (good, bad and ugly) about them.  So when we hear of yet another baby born, a movie deal, a drunken episode, a death hoax, a quarrel, or the latest diva fit, just know they or those connected to the A-lister have something brewing.  Meanwhile, fans don't pay much attention to what government leaders, business owners and others are up to in this country and others.

You see, young people are a radical bunch, passionate, fearless, and educated.  If they were to take their knowledge and energy and do something productive with them--like challenge authorities on things that affect our citizenship, minds, bellies, places we visit, finances and more, leaders would have to do some different things starting locally and then widespread around the world. 

The elitists schemes, lies, and cheating would most likely be exposed and favorites in secret clubs would no longer be on the top of charts, being rewarded with talk shows and movie appearances, owning businesses, etc.  Their images would have little impact on the nations and would no longer create distractions from real news.  However, if young people are preoccupied with the usual stuff (you know those safe news stories--controversial and redundant topics that their parents and grandparents have listened to or read about for decades) no one is held accountable for anything and no significant party is exposed either.

Unintelligent or dumbed down teens and twenty-somethings are not the least bit concerned about their rights or raising awareness about important issues and how to solve them.  Rather, they are lulled into trances by video games, music with heavy guitar strings and bass drums and poor food choices.  All of which aid in various forms of mind control programming.  Most youngsters are far too busy working and lacking sleep to be concerned about anything new or different that is keeping them as well as relatives in mental and physical bondage.  They are not challenging any establishment or anything else.  Therefore, celebrity foolishness remains popular, public drunkenness receives likes, and those unimportant personal features about their idols is considered all the rage.

Wake up young America!

Nicholl McGuire

Sunday, December 6, 2015

The Latest Presidential Address

The latest presidential address provided a bit of comfort to those who needed it especially since Black Marilyn Monroe moved out to California. I won't name any names (besides there could be more than one), but if you have followed the President's past campaign trails, years in service among other things then you can connect the dots. 

Special interest affiliates were watching intently and taking notes.  There is always more than meets the eye when a President interrupts Americans watching their beloved sports to share a speech that many reporters commented wasn't anything different.  Some journalists in California were visibly angry about having to be present for work to report on an address that didn't move them much or wasn't very newsworthy.

In my opinion, the President looked worn out, not very convinced or confident of what he was reading, talking as if he was calming a few people in his personal social circle down who might have been venting to him about the shootings and other things, and overall appeared ready to go smoke a cigarette. 

The change of words from Isis to Isil was more of that word play that goes on when something is about to go down or a new script is being developed for the incoming president.  The reassurance that all will be handled and the examples of what has already been done was to tickle the ignorant listeners' ears.  Meanwhile, those in the know aren't the least bit concerned about the rhetoric because along with every tragedy more distractions are created for a set period of time while pawns in the games (around the world) redirect focus and realign their positions overseas and on American soil.  The plot is thickening and you might as well be prepared for more war and rumors of war.

Nicholl McGuire

Friday, December 4, 2015

10 Things to Pay Attention to Determine if a Shooting is Real

With so many YouTubers online claiming that tragedies throughout our land are fake, I had to mention that not too far from a relative's neighborhood the San Bernardino shooting took place.  There was nothing false about it.  As for planning something to happen, based on news reports it appears that the event was the handy work of a hidden hand behind the couple who participated in the shootings.  Of course, more details are forthcoming.  The key clues that an event is indeed real
(whether it was contrived by a special interest group before it happened).

1.  There are in fact bloodied bodies being carried or stumbling from the scene.
2.  Medical attention is ongoing and you can clearly see that the people are not acting.  You can actually visit the victims in the hospital or see them leaving the scene.
3.  The witnesses have numerous detailed information about what occurred despite the media reports.
4.  The grieving relatives are all-too-ready to fight someone, demanding answers, and are not acting too cooperative when it comes to talking with the media or they are saying a lot before the news production team is cutting the feed.
5.  You or someone you know is connected to the situation in some way and has told you what they experienced and may have some relics from the environment.
6.  There are plenty of scenes that show bullets and other damages.
7.  Security video, camera phones, and other things clearly show you evidence that people were hiding, being evacuated, screaming, gun shots fired, fighting, and/or fleeing (not casually walking) from the scene.
8.  You don't see any crisis actors involved.
9.  People are weary and look emotionally distressed to the point that you worry they are going to have a nervous breakdown.
10.  There are massive reports on and off mainstream media that security precautions were taken not just in that area, but elsewhere too. 

Friday, November 13, 2015

Area 51 Scientist Boyd Bushman Makes Alien Confession in Video

This is a story that would most likely be scrutinized by viewers, but consider this, whether Bushman is telling falsehoods or not, the men commenting on his story are a distraction.  If you were to take the former NASA worker seriously, these commenters are there to make light of a serious story, leave out details, and rearrange what the subject.  Keep in mind this was a scientist who became outspoken moreso nearing the end of his life.  Also, beware of media that has the CBS network looking eye for lips.  A clever advertisement to the elite, "We are one of you..." they know not to reveal too much of anything. 

Thursday, November 5, 2015

When it Comes to Truth...What Do You Really Want to Know?

Sometimes people just don't want to know, be confronted, or learn anything related to truth.  Allow the ignorant to sit back and escape their reality even if it means they suffer.  Tough love ushers in a truth experience.  The truth is one doesn't want to escape the lie he or she is living, so why not let him or her experience the consequences that come with his or her false beliefs?  Time will tell the truth even when you have long ran out of steam trying to convince someone that he or she is an enabler spreading lies.

When it comes to truth, what do you really want to know and how might it be beneficial to you?  Do you want to hear someone tell you that he or she has been exaggerating, lying, rewriting your history, and doing any number of things for selfish reasons?  Most people don't want anyone saying anything that is going to make them feel uncomfortable, but it's in the pain that we often find the peace and freedom we have always wanted.

Penning my non-fiction books, "Say Goodbye to Dad" and "Tell Me Mother You're Sorry" as well as other books like "Genealogy X: What to Expect When Researching Family History" I discovered much about myself and others.  I recognized that sometimes we hold on to what people say to us whether right, wrong or otherwise because we just don't want to have to put the work in to do much more than what we are already doing in our lives.  "To come up higher, be a better person, self improve, Change..." as some like to say, all requires time, dedication, energy, patience, and at times confronting those who we feel have hurt us with unfiltered truth. 

Once one realizes what all needs to be done to achieve personal goals, he or she may not want to do much more than bury one's head in the sand.  This is a clear indication an individual is not ready to walk in the spirit of truth and truly want to discover his or her reality.  For example, take a moment to think of someone who presents his or herself as having a great relationship, wonderful children, awesome career, and more.  He or she posts photo after photo daily of just about any and every item he or she has bought or created, what places she has visited, what her children do, and more.  In time, you won't question her reality, because she has given you enough about it so that it appears quite charming online.  In her presence, it appears to be more of the same.  She believes herself and kin to be healthy and functional human beings until you see scars on her throat.  Then you notice bruises on the children.  You see her quickly go through her home taking great care not to let you see bedrooms.  What is happening here?  You start to question her and she makes up stories.  Her partner walks in and she looks nervous.  The children are quiet and also visibly nervous.  The reality you perceived initially regarding this woman was based on what she had showed you online, but was not reflective of what is really going on offline.  Attempt to speak the truth the way you see it poking at her fantasy world and before long she is ushering you out the door.

What does truth look like when it exposes you or others when you don't want it to?  It starts off as an ugly experience.  Your reaction is negative, defensive, angry, bitter, and more.  But one day a light goes off and you come to the understanding that you played a part in someone else's experience that might have had some good times, but there were also some dark ones (see Laboring to Love an Abusive Mate).  As much as we would like to believe we are okay (mentally, physically spiritually, financially, etc.) someone or something comes along and causes us to question our perceptions, actions, attitude, line of reasoning, and more.  Self-righteous, stubborn, and over all difficult people don't like any one shining a flashlight on them or holding a mirror up, "Why are you doing this to me?  What do you hope to gain from this? After all I did for you..." Meanwhile, they don't see the answers to prayer, the blessings ahead, new opportunities, and other things that will give them the desires of their hearts. (Check out YouTube: nmenterprise7 if you are ready for wisdom based on Christian concepts). 

Too often people hope/wish/pray for things spiritually, materially and mentally and then when the trials come, not in the way they anticipated, they fall apart and soon forget what was it that they wanted out of life/relationship/business.  "If I have to go through all of this to get it, then maybe I really didn't want or need it in the first place..."  What a cop out!

Walk with truth, embrace her, respect the voice that challenges who you are, why you do what you do, and where are you going?  Who knows, a truthful observation, answer, person, etc. just might be the key that will open the door with that jackpot behind it that you have always been waiting for, the partner of your dreams, the job you so desire, a better place to live, a happier mindset, and/or better quality connections with loved ones!  But also be forewarned to read the fine print, because there are many false ideas, groups, job offers, partners, teachers, prophets, plans, and more that don't have your best interests in mind, guard your heart!  Real truth sets you free, it doesn't put you in a mental or physical cage.

Nicholl McGuire is the author of many books, creator of blogs, and a virtual assistant.  Learn more about her here. Feel free to subscribe to her blog.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

What Lies are You Sharing with Family and Friends?

So you see something on television, the Internet or hear about it on the radio, an interesting story, but do you stop to think, "Is this the truth?"  We are quick to assume that reporters, editors, and managers of media are accurate, but far too often this has been proven untrue.  From using green screen (fake backdrops typically used in movies) to crisis actors pretending as if they are the real characters in news stories, the truth sometimes isn't what it appears to be.

Now we can all end up being nothing more than gossip reporters for individuals and groups paid to spin stories.  I think of the clever distractions created to keep the public from knowing the unflattering truth about famous celebrities.  Pick a seemingly harmless story and before long the lie becomes the truth.

Take a moment to do your own investigative research and you will find that what you find is much different than what appears in mainstream media news.

Nicholl McGuire is the author of Socially Sweet, Privately Cruel Abusive Men and other books.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Disappointed, Angry, Worried - Your Issues are Satan's Playground

He makes money off of your pain, keeps you in bondage because of it, tempts you to use drugs and alcohol to quell it.  Satan comes in the form of a kind gentleman, warm seductress, charming kid, or strong leader.  Your disappointments in life are nothing more than tools for Satan, Prince of Darkness, also known as, Lucifer and many other names to operate.  Author of Know Your Enemy: The Christian's Critic, Nicholl McGuire, shares thought-provoking spiritual commentary here:
Click here to listen.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

10 Things Every Producer Should Know About Film Financing : Advice for F...

Now based on what you have heard in this video, what might occur if a production team, with connections in high places, suspects or worries that they could lose much of their (shady) investors' money due to over budgeting in one area and not another, mismanagement other funds, underestimate expenses, and other unexpected surprises during film-making?  How far do you think a movie producer would go to ensure that everyone is happy financially? 

Take a moment and consider the many actors who have died either before, during and after big budget filming. Not every death was merely an accident or coincidence, there were sinister things that had been going on behind the scenes with some of these highly publicized deaths.  In the end, the public will support the project more-so because someone or group has died.  Money will steadily come in for years since the movie's creation; therefore, everyone gets paid and the movie producer and affiliates' reputations remain intact at least for a time until they make a mess of financing again.  Then bye, bye--no more big budget movies for a long time or ever depending on who a movie producer made angry.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

The power of the gap | Jamie Zimmerman | TEDxBushwick

Dr. Zimmerman died due to a drowning accident.  See here. Check out her documentary about the Congolese refugee camp if you can find it online.  Her website is no longer active.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

You've Been Lied to - Celebrities Just Don't Look Like Those Airbrushed Photos

Every now and again some celebrity idol worshippers need a reality check when it comes to what an entertainer really looks like when the make-up is off and the photo editing tools are not being used.  Here's some examples, see here.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Eye on London

When you look at media programming on the surface, it is what it is.  Unfortunate events that cause the masses to ponder, "What next?"  Bad people formulating evil agendas to override policies, seek selfish gain, etc.  The message is disheartening and cold even if it all isn't going to be played out the way the film production company presents it.  There are often similarities in fantasy and reality.

UK's Cameron will not step down as prime minister early, source says

London is carrying out a major terror attack exercise

List of terrorist incidents in London - Wikipedia, the ...

However, there are those plans that are created to slow down population growth like Hollywood blockbuster movies to stress you out, so that you don't adventure seek, vacation or encourage anyone you know to relocate especially to an already overpopulated city, state or country.  If you hear enough negative about a place, then you are less likely to migrate there.  You will also reconsider leaving your current location, and if you are already there, you just might think twice about having a baby or adding any more to your family.

London population will grow to 9 million by 2020 | Daily ...

Historically, earthquake movies taking place in California have worked quite well keeping many people on the east coast.  In addition, many senior citizens won't dare fly out to the west coast, because of years of fear-based mind control programming using actual events, articles, movies, and more about airplane crashes.  

When the population rises rapidly in a location, elitists know when to instruct their sources to produce yet another movie with the pure intent to rattle nerves.  Most people will just stay put.

Learn more about neuromarketing.   In the London situation, companies most likely are already redirecting the focus of the migrants to places that they believe would be a better fit, more affordable, a good alternative, offer good paying jobs, etc. to slow population growth.  


Illumination Entertainment - Satanic Agenda

Friday, October 2, 2015

Wayward Black Ministers and Teachers Not Ashamed of Themselves or the Gospel

From Facebook sinning friends bombarding the news streams with Christian messages to people in media and in churches pretending to be children of light, there is trouble in many black churches the kind that sets people back spiritually, financially, mentally, and physically.  Watch this compilation video.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Shocking Photos of Famous 90s American Celebrities

These shocking 90s stars before and after photos are worth checking out.  Funny how you see no trace of innocence in their eyes.  They grew up so fast.  You can only imagine what stories they have to tell.  See here.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

(Athletes) on Mind Control - Sports

This video shares some insight about rituals, mind control personas, and more in order to function at top levels in sports.  Athletes are required to follow fraternal orders.  Some are a part of sexual cults but this is usually not confirmed and often denied in mainstream media.  Disinformation agents will not allow the public to know the full truth when it comes to how entertainers prepare for scheduled events, movie scenes, talk show interviews, stage performances, etc.

NBC: RFID Implants - Microchip Everything 2017 - Mark Of The Beast 666

This story is a look back on the various technological devices that are used to track people.  Privacy has been an issue that has sparked debate for decades. 

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Mind Control through Tv and the Children {Documentary}

This video explains the various types of symbolism, sounds and colors that are used to program children.  Be careful what you let them watch.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Down to their Private Parts - The Secret Societies Own Entertainers

Spreading legs wide on magazine covers with a triangle present, gyrating in front of strange symbols, and emphasizing one's private parts doing dance routines while wearing specially selected colors to highlight one's essentials, these entertainers have sold not only their souls for money, but their private parts too!

Sex slaves do not just connect with committed partners, but with anyone their employers tell them for things like:  personal benefits, assistance with international affairs, bridge the gap between warring individuals, build political connections, etc.  From congressmen to security personnel, someone or group will get a piece of that high-priced tail parading around the stage. 

One might say, "Well these secret groups can't make people do something they don't want to do."  Of course, but even if these entertainers objected, there is mind control tactics, strong drugs, alcohol concoctions, handlers, you name it to get these slaves to listen and obey.  Those who do well get put out there as the "hardest working woman or man in show business."  Adoring fans never bother to think, "Besides talent and skill, what more did the entertainer have to go from being an unknown to one of the best in the west or elsewhere?"

So the next time you see a beta slave working like a high-class stripper/prostitute on a stage or one working damn hard on a court, field, etc. know that there is more that meets "the eye."  Contrary to the innocent act these stars put on during media interviews, whistleblowers, who have firsthand knowledge, have spoken openly about the A-list celebrities' erratic behaviors out of public view are either walking dead or already sleeping in their graves.

Nicholl McGuire  

Friday, August 21, 2015

Former LAPD Detective that WhistleBlew Regarding Biggie Smalls Death Now Deceased

This first video was put up four years prior to the death of the LAPD detective.  Evidence related to Biggie Smalls had never been presented in court. 

The video that showed the revealing information about the Biggie Small's case and the evidence regarding police involvement was removed.  But this video is a look back on the East Coast - West Coast hype being used as a distraction.  Not everyone was buying into the marketing campaign back then.  It was a cover up.

Former LAPD detective claimed corrupt cops in the murder of Notorious Biggie Smalls is now deceased.  Those cops were well-connected to Death Row Records around the time of Tupac and Biggie's deaths, see links as follows:

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

A Look Back: Washington D.C. Massive Cheating Scandals Rock School Districts Nationwide

Why not, open a Pandora's box and investigate school districts around the land?  How about some jail time for other teachers and leaders who have long been involved in cheating scandals?

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Never Sleep on Sudden Death When It Comes to Reporters, Researchers, Scientists and Govt. Officials

Some people will die due to any number of natural causes, accidents, etc.; however, others don't just suddenly die, they are strategically pushed to death through any number of ways depending on how much they know and whether they might be a threat to any person, establishment or thing. 

As mentioned before on this blog, family, friends and others who care about the deceased should always do further investigation on the who, what, when, where, why and how when it comes to the deaths of their loved ones in or related to the entertainment industry.

Years ago, many of us who were trained by some great people who once worked for mainstream media and others who were genuinely honest people, knew the power of truth.  We sought angles in stories that manifested honesty and looked to hold people accountable who participated in activities that were morally and ethically not right.  But these days, we live in a world led by many who don't want any finger-pointing when it comes to what is right and wrong.  Rather, they are merely concerned about bettering their lifestyles by any means necessary.  Lies are more favorable than truth.  Compromise is best if it means winning.  Evil is good and good is evil.  This is the kind of teaching that has been around for centuries, but seems to be promoted often even if it means taking a few good men and women off the face of this earth prematurely.

Consider this, if someone is responsible for reporting the news of some high profile individuals, sharing thought-provoking information, creating a top secret invention, or some other very confidential plan or object, why would any loved one assume that the death of an important figure head at one's company "is what it is" or "things just happen"?  Pay the survivors enough "hush" money and provide better lifestyles and it isn't any wonder that no one breaks their silence, shares personal thoughts with the public about why and how loved ones really died, or performs any investigations--at least none we know about.

Prior to the death of one reporter (I choose not to mention at this time), I found it quite odd that this week the following occurred:  spiritually I heard the words "anchor," revisited subject matter on "whistle-blowing," read words "microwave, radiation," conducted research on "workplace mobbing/bullying," and recalled a researcher who died suddenly less than a year later after finding out some truth about a certain wealthy organization several years back. 

I know there are those human enemies of truth-tellers/seekers, but then there are also unseen forces that work as well on those who want very much to be at the top of their games come hell or high water.  Oftentimes the rush to achieve, be noticed, and obtain much wealth comes with a heavy price.  A price that many didn't anticipate or backed out of their affiliations/oaths, because they just couldn't fathom doing some things they really didn't want to do.

Be careful being lured into the temptation to sell one's soul to the devil.  Further, don't be so quick to push your relatives into crafts you don't fully know about, and would never go to any extreme lengths to put any real time or effort into.  RIP to those who worked so hard, but in the end got so little peace in their lives.

Nicholl McGuire 

Friday, March 13, 2015

There's a lot said in a picture...Entertainment Industry

So many are deceived, ignorant or couldn't care less when it comes to what they buy and listen to regarding celebrities.  Children tend to mimic what they see so if they notice a hand sign, symbol, design, or certain colors paired together that a favorite celebrity wears they will do just that.  As much as some would like to believe that some model poses mean nothing and "you are reading too much into it...," understand the world we live in and who was assigned power over it.  The Who (Anti-Christ) has made itself be known through a variety of dark imagery, while the Supreme Head (God) has casted His light on his foe's many, many agendas.  Click on the link to see the truth with your own eyes or shall I say his eye?

Symbolic Pics of the Month 03/15

Directors talk about the real Black Hollywood

Sunday, March 1, 2015

7 Tips on Escaping Mindless Mind Control from Media, Relatives, Co-workers, and Friends

An image flashes quickly on a screen, words scroll at the bottom of a screen, some annoying chatter is ongoing while music plays in the background, and you are overwhelmed with what you are seeing and hearing!  Another commercial, news broadcast, movie trailer, video, etc.  Now what was the purpose of all that?

Mind control comes in a variety of forms and if it isn't necessary to keep you informed on what really matters, there will always be some group to get you to think about what doesn't.  My seven-year-old child has enough sense to know when someone is up to no good on TV.  He has even said to me, "Mom, they are trying to use mind control."  I asked him, "How do you know this?"  He said, "I saw it in a cartoon I was watching."

Believe it or not, there is good mind control--the kind that motivates you to do more with your life.  From personal goals to achieving great things, there are many aids to usher you in beneficial directions.  But then there is mindless, bad, and crazy mind control that does nothing more than steal, kill and destroy you and others!  If you don't bother to think about what you have been exposed to lately that might keep you in a depressed, angry, or rude mood, then you aren't living your life to the fullest and most likely are making others miserable around you.  Disconnect from your toxic programming as a result of misguided relatives, leaders, friends, the television, music, and more, so that you won't continue in foolish teachings and while spreading your poison to others.

Here's how you can undo some wicked programming that you and others know has you caught in a mindless cycle of confusion and dysfunction:

1.  Begin to read empowering books.  The kind that enlighten you to the problems you know about or others have shared with you.  Sometimes people tell us just what they are by doing things like: blaming us, covering up what they do, lying, name-calling, and other destructive things.  Reverse the curse and do some background study on these troubled folks.

2.  Spend some quiet time doing nothing.  You will be surprised at your thoughts and how you really are when you spend time alone.  When you experience some negative things, learn to confront evil and embrace good.  You won't be able to do this if you have no positive spiritual insight.  So take the Christian up on his or her offer to accept Jesus as your personal savior (if you haven't already) and begin to study one of the wisest books known to man, the Holy Bible.  Also, know this if you are one who believes the holy book is mere fairy tales, then consider the many archaeological studies that back up the Bible's claims.  It might be time for you to start performing some world history research.  If you don't want to bother doing that, then don't bother making arguments you are unwilling to dismantle (not for others), but for the self within you that rejects the gospel of Christ.  It will take faith to believe in an Almighty God and His teachings; however, mere logic and reasoning won't help you in the long-term.  Pray for guidance.

3.  Give yourself permission to say, "No" to what parents and others in media and elsewhere have told you about yourself and groups (race, gender, sexual preference, religion, culture...)  Did they say you were stupid, ugly, crazy, wild, moody, strange, weird, would never be...could never get?  It's time to undo their programming whether they were saying these things in jest or not about you and others.  You will be surprised as you learn more about yourself just how much negative programming you have embraced over the years.

4.  Stop assuming the worse in others.  Most likely, you have personal prejudices that are keeping you from spiritually, mentally, and physically growing.  Don't keep the hate within going by supporting equally prejudice mentors, teachers, and others.

5.  Renounce all oaths taken including the ones you are no longer respecting or living up to.  The truth is when you take an oath your are promising something that one day you will not to stick to.  If it isn't anything that is bringing out the best in you and is keeping you enslaved to a group mentally and physically, time to let it go!

6.  Remove any people and things that keep telling you things like, "You are changing...What happened to old you?  I don't think I like this new you.  Why you talk about God so much?  What's wrong with you?"  Keeping these so-called friends around will hinder you from escaping mindless mind control.

7.  Get teaching tools and formulate a support system that will hold you accountable.  There is much on the Internet like apps that will keep you organized, remind you of things you need to do, and will assist in elevating you mentally, spiritually, and physically, so do take advantage of them.

People who watch what they eat, what they listen to, where they go, who they connect to, and more are usually the ones who do well in life and have many around them who appreciate and respect them.  Do you know what your purpose is in life and are you living up to it?  Come up out of mindless mind control!

Nicholl McGuire enlightens individuals to their personal life challenges on YouTube channel: nmenterprise7

Monday, February 23, 2015

This is Why Celebrities and Serious News Issues Don't Mix For Example Chris Brown

No matter how true the population reduction strategies might be, when a young musician who has yet to connect himself with an audience that researches news issues quite deeply, opens his mouth, he or she sounds ignorant.  Those in the know will cry, "Stick to your day job...don't talk about that, you don't know what you are talking about!"  As if it isn't already challenging enough to awaken a blind public to reality, along comes someone who will make a flippant remark and so the disinformation agents run wild with it!  Some so-called reputable media sources have already tried to label news that matters to us as "conspiracy theories" while promoting entertainers heavily as if they are all-too important.

Population control is a real issue.  The reduction methods that special interest groups, companies, and individuals use to control the populace is alarming, scary, and downright evil.  Now the connection between celebrities and the strategists working behind the scenes is when they need these performers to enter a country, promote an agenda, share a message through song lyrics, movies, and more, they call their puppets.  But when puppets start talking without strings, well what tends to happen is more drama to quiet them.  Notice how most celebrities keep mum on societal issues until called upon.  The influence that a celebrity has on society is quite powerful.  Chris Brown is no Michael Jackson, although some tried to make him be, but he does have a following that is listening no matter how ignorant he comes across.  In a way, it is good that he does talk the way he does, because he can reach the masses in a way that others can't.  So while the disinformation agents use distractions to keep a discerning public from asking questions as a result of what Chris Brown and other celebrities have said over the years, we watch and we wait.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Late John Lennon Spoke Truth

 The late John Lennon, musician, talked of the people being the government, our world being run by maniacs, and word peace.  "War could stop if you want it to." John Lennon

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Where there is Smoke, there is Fire on Celebrity Break Up and Death Rumors

2014 was a big year for Beyonce and Jay-Z break up rumors.  For years, we have seen this with other A-list couples too, Brad and Angelina, Will and Jada Smith, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West and T.I. and Tiny.  Then there are newbies to the scene:  Iggy Azalea and Nick Young, Ariana and Big Sean, Adele and Simon and others who have to contend with the celebrity breakup rumors.  But the so-called rumors turned out to be true with Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaji and her ex-boyfriend uh, what's his name again?, and Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey.

Bad publicity makes good publicity when it comes to dollars and cents.  But there is always a grain of truth in a rumor and sometimes things happen in the entertainment industry to set us up for what is to come: break-up, suicide, illness, murder, and more.

Look at the sheer number of break up songs recorded by your favorite musician.  Observe whether any of those messages communicate things like:  violence, suicide, alcohol or drug abuse.  Even if the celebrity breaks up with a partner or dies, you are already being set up to think that he or she was depressed, suicidal, and/or a pill popper or drunk before it happened whether true or not.  If the celebrity is depicted looking dark, evil or mysterious while fighting, torturing or murdering someone in a movie, video, etc, these things could all be used against the artist later showing that this person was always evil, crazy, or violent.

Next, check out the stories of substance abuse, disputes, and other reckless behavior tied to the relationship.  Is the artist caught doing bizarre things after an argument and/or in and out of rehab?

Listen to what family, friends, as well as former friends and workers have said about the romance with a grain a salt.  However, in some cases they aren't lying or covering up, money is money and anyone receiving gifts from celebrities would want very much for them to stay together whether the relationship is good or not.

Notice how much time they spend with certain people, places and things and watch for negative patterns.  The positive stuff is nothing more than smoke screens.  The eyes are indeed the window to the soul and celebrities are good for covering them up with sunglasses when things aren't right on the home-front or deceiving the public with lies, missing details and cover-ups as a result of oaths taken behind closed doors.

Check out alternative media and some of the voices who have eye witness accounts.  They could care less about celebrities unless of course, they are endorsing, sponsoring, or threatening them with legal action.  If that is the case, you can't believe the hype either.  Notice if the media went from once hating the celebrity, but is now going soft--can we say, "Sell out!"

Ignore the public statements and the public displays of affection and smiling photographs.  You know that in your own family this goes on.  Meanwhile, couples fight like cats and dogs when not in public view.  A photo can easily tell the truth or tell a lie.  Look at Beyonce and Jay-Z's eyes when they look over the shoulder of one other peaking at their cell phones at those basketball games.  There is a lot said in a look.

Watch how their children and others behave around them.  A child that is wild, mouthy, and has a lot to say just might tell a few stories about dear mom and dad's loveless relationship.  When was the last time he or she seen mom and dad together?

When you notice that an artist is not being heavily promoted like he or she once were and there is much speculation concerning one's health, wealth, marriage, and other things, know there is trouble in Paradise.  If this person is getting busier with other "projects" that don't require an audience, know that there are some things changing in front and behind the scenes.

Listen carefully how other artists, producers, and members of groups are saying carefully scripted statements or things that basically say, I don't like or want to work with that person.  For instance,  "I didn't choose to work with this person because...He or she has more important things to deal with right now..There are some things that still need to be to worked out...I respect and admire...but..."  So what the guy or gal is really saying is you know that celebrity has issues and you don't want to be connected with him or her, we get it!  The ball will drop sooner or later when stars sell their souls to the devil.

Nicholl McGuire shares spiritual insight on YouTube channel: nmenterprise7.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Bobbi Kristina was Outspoken About the Whitney Houston Movie

She was bold with her opinion about the Whitney biopic and had harsh words for veteran actress Angela Bassett, Bobbi Kristina, daughter of the late vocalist Whitney Houston, spoke what she felt and didn't seem to care what others thought.

From a reality show to an on again off again romance with her boyfriend, Nick Gordon, the young woman had a lot on her plate emotionally.  Grieving the death of her mother was still evident and critics of the Houston reality show felt there was much exploiting taking place.  Now the family fights while Bobbi lies on a hospital bed.  All involved are well aware of the 20 million dollar inheritance given to Bobbi by her mother.

When researching the lives of entertainers and their relatives and the professional conduct expected from all, one can't ignore what appears to be a code of silence.  A kind of quiet that is not to be disturbed with foolishness, family discord, substance addictions, and more.  There is a respect among professionals in the entertainment industry.  It is clear when one speaks carefully about his or her sister or brother in the industry, but when someone or a group disturbs that, there is hell to pay.

Sometimes one can be his or her own worst enemy from the countless stories we read of seen as well as unseen forces at work destroying the lives of many entertainers.   It also doesn't take much to keep trouble out of certain circles especially if loose lips attempt to sink ships as a result of  uncontrollable habits and the like.

Greed, mayhem, and murder is present in our ever-changing world and to think that it can't happen to you or those around you is foolish.  Whatever comes of this unfortunate circumstance with Bobbie, it is yet another lesson learned for someone while the public's eyes and ears aren't closed.

Check out Bobbi Kristina less than a year ago and her family challenges to the day she was found in a bathtub.  There are no coincidences.  Some resources are listed below.

June 2014 Bobbi ranted on Twitter about Angela Bassett being a "b*tch" because she didn't play Whitney

In mismatched shoes Bobbi claimed photoshopped image.;_ylt=AwrSbhv4jd5UsiUAbpRXNyoA;_ylu=X3oDMTBzdmVvZmlwBGNvbG8DZ3ExBHBvcwMxMAR2dGlkAwRzZWMDc3I-

March, 2014 Infamous bikini shot

March, 2014 Gary Houston Jr. and Nick Gordon fight

February 2013 Bobbi Kristina pregnant, depressed?

2013 Bobbi spotted smoking something

2012 Houston on Our Own Tv Series

2012 Bobbi called off engagement to Nick

2012 Bobbi and Nick Breakup

2012 Bobbie wanted to play Whitney

2011 Drug use denial

Less Than a Year Later Since the Brian Williams and Snowden Interview

Did you really think that Williams, a veteran news anchor, was going to live peacefully after agreeing to conduct an interview with a government spy that many hated?  Maybe there isn't a connection to the reporter's recent scandals, but then again maybe there is.  Who did Williams make angry?

Less than a year later after the Snowden interview, it appears that this NBC employee's personal issues with lies and exaggerations are being exposed to draw attention away from something else, but what? Also consider this, those A-listers in media, who have a long record like Williams does, aren't permitted to do or say anything without someone approving facts and lies.  For decades someone or a group worked with the reporter and was aware of what he had been saying, so why is old news new news these days?  On a side note, NBC's name has been long connected with one infamous comedian/actor/producer, Bill Cosby, who at one time wanted to buy the network.  Rather than going after the little people, it would make better sense to protect the brand.  Could there be a systematic plan to destroy NBC by targeting its affiliates first?  Stay tuned.    

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Michael Hastings: Journalist Killed by Death Squad or Accident?

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If you are a small business owner, seller of conspiracy related goods, or have some other business and you have no blog, why not link to us?

This blog has been around for a number of years sharing news that matters when it comes to society.  Your audience will watch informative videos and read articles about thought-provoking and revealing celebrity, government, and other similar news.

Truth seekers, curious readers, and researchers will find this blog useful.  So please do take a moment and add a link to our Truth  Let us know you did and we will be sure to add you to an upcoming blog roll!

Truth Revealed Blogger and Owner

Friday, January 30, 2015

Gray State Movie Producer David Crowley Murder

Crowley and Mason were bringing issues to light.  Crowley had been in the military.

Taraji P. Henson's on Wendy and Controversial Subject Matters Being Shoved Down the Public's Throat

This light-hearted interview on Wendy with a major character is simple enough, but the show, Empire, is working its magic on the black mindset.  Historically, there has been much talk behind closed doors between African Americans about: homosexuality, gender bias, mental illness, interracial relationships, age gap relationships, substance abuse, and more in the black community.  The television show brings much of that conversation to light.  However, overtime what goes from eye-opening to dangerous is when the guarded heart and mind on foolishness and evil is gradually left unguarded.  The blurring of lines between right wrong, free and slave, light and dark begins to manifest one mind at a time.  What a good way to decorate the ugly stuff to look beautiful via a TV program while calling scenes things like:  "cool," "wild," "crazy," "funny," "shocking," and "accepted."  Like with many shows in the past that tried to use subjects to change minds, traditions, create controversies, and more, over time the viewers will start to grow weary of having some select topics shoved down their throats.  The good thing about past television shows that lasted for decades, they made their points and then they let them go (racism, sexism, divorce, social class, etc.) and it was on to the next interesting topic week after week.  This show tends to linger on controversial subject matter, like other television shows, that is favorable to the minority (wealthy individuals at the top--creators/producers of the show) which simply doesn't represent the majority of opinion.  The public isn't stupid, they see what is going on and in time, curtains closed.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Protect Your Mind from Toxic Media Puppets, Movies and Television Mayhem

They are all around us, psychopaths, narcissists, bi-polar folks, anyone's whose sole focus is on getting selfish needs (money, fame and power) met!  In their worlds, it takes guts, glory and most of all money to get the job done--any job by any means necessary!  Whether good, bad or otherwise, there is always a one-eyed puppet on a television show, social networking site, in a magazine, a concert, or elsewhere talking about what he or she did to get from point A to point B while leaving out crucial details about their so-called journey to success.

These celebrities cleverly leave out who they slept with to get ahead, what family connections they have, fraternal associations they joined, and blood oaths with minions they took.  They forget about the manipulative mind tactics they underwent to get into character or the drugs they took to warp or calm their minds while needing therapists to bring them back to reality. 

These brainwashed celebrities will assume that they are doing a service by "helping" someone or many by leaking abstract information while fans have to scramble for details.  Sure, some just might see some good in the story-telling and learn a thing or two, but the damage one causes by presenting him or herself as someone to be trusted while sharing lies can be devastating.  One day the truth will prevail and those whose minds are not protected will be wounded down to their souls.   

It is so easy to be drawn to someone who looks beautiful, speaks well, and has much money.  You can't help but take notice of this person when others have sung their praises. In time, you find yourself on the fan bandwagon so excited to be in that favorite star's presence.  Yet, if only you knew just how much suffering they experience to stay on top.  If only you knew the truth behind the stardom.  Some would probably pity the poor celebrity while others would only glorify that person all the more.

When one is moved to believe the media hype surrounding a puppet entertainer, politician, civil rights activist, etc., he or she must keep in mind that the specially selected beloved, great and wonderful celebrity puppet has many masters.  Organizations don't spend millions on media just for kicks!  They don't go all out on television productions to simply entertain.  There is always a plan, an agenda, a reason to steer the masses right, left, up, or down depending on the cause.  It is your job to see between the lies and share the truth.  Start with local, national and international leadership propaganda.

The safest way to protect one's mind from twisted philosophies, emotionally charged stories, and crazy events is not to allow a person or group's perception to become your reality.

Nicholl McGuire also shares her work at African American View on You 

Monday, January 12, 2015

Occult Symbols, Colors, Hand Shakes, Clothing - Mainstream Media Talks to Some not All

There are many reasons why a large corporation would spend millions of dollars creating an occult film, commercial, play, song, artwork, and more that is filled with a whole lot of what the general public would consider nonsense.

The elite communicates in ways that go beyond verbal communication.  Oftentimes, what is being said is merely a front that covers up what is really going on behind the scenes.  For example, consider past Super Bowls and the strange images that passed before your eyes.  In another example, notice the many album covers with one eye symbolism with the intention to not only communicate with other figure heads, but also to invoke spiritual entities. 

Usually what you think you know when you watch a mainstream media television news story isn't what really happened.  For instance, many people questioned the lone wolf events where a man walks into an establishment and shoots people.  What looks simple enough, isn't as easy to piece together as some would like to think especially when all the puzzle pieces are not available and don't fit.

Sometimes clues, signs, numbers, remarks, and more are there to throw you off depending on how compelling the events, who is involved, the timing as it relates to government activities, and more.

As much as we would all like to believe that we see is indeed what we see, the reality is that if you are unaware of what the symbols mean, the colors displayed communicate, who is a part of what via a handshake, or what one is saying when they wear certain clothing, then you don't know what is fact and what is a lie, what is fantasy and what is real.

This is why some people are all mixed up when they cry, "Illuminati" yet don't bother to do any in-depth research.  It was easy for some elitist, creative, public relation groups to come up with  campaigns to mock all things conspiracies, since so many loud and ignorant people take a little bit of information and run to the front of their cameras.

The agendas are still ongoing comprised of obtaining more and more--silver and gold, natural resources like oil, power (influence), property, one world religion, death, and destruction, witchcraft knowledge from dark entities in an effort to conquer enemies, build great inventions, obtain more abilities, etc.  This has been man's priorities since the beginning of time.

Nicholl McGuire

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Major News Events - Watch the Patterns this Year and Compare them to Last Year

The imprint of a secret society at work lurks between the folds of major news stories. You will find that patterns begin to occur for a period of time.  For instance, when one comedian died back in 2014, there was another not long after, then other events related to comedians began to surface and re-surface.  If you were to take a look back and examine each life, you might have noticed some shocking behavior, bold comments made, and other things leading up to the comedian's gradual career decline or worse death!

As past blog entries have suggested, the mainstream media and now some alternative media groups are not to be trusted.  There are many disinformation agents who get paid much for distracting the public from what really matters.  It is imperative that you use your critical thinking skills--you aren't in a school classroom where you have to go along with educational programming so that you can pass a test.  But if one wants to remain in an industry or climb the top of the ladder, he or she must return back to the mindset of a student and absorb what his or her teacher/leader says or pay the consequences. 

Every year scenes play out, like a movie script, some who have big bank accounts seek to get certain goals accomplished; therefore, those who want results have to make things happen.  Some issues are unexpected, while others are pre-meditated.  But even with the surprise events, intelligent minds know how to spin the stories in favor of whatever it is that they are promoting.

Before you yell "conspiracy" know that even your thought process has been controlled to dismiss truth while you go about your day never questioning the world around you.  If you were to question, you could get others to also question, and in time start a movement--something that people with big bank accounts don't want you nor I to do.

Nicholl McGuire
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