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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Remember when Chris Brown went through some drama back in Aug 2016?

A woman claimed that Chris had pulled a gun out on her back in August 2016 while visiting his home in appeared like it was all a set up based on how the incident unfolded and Chris' video rant that same day.  Notice the devil horn signage.

Could it have been because of his outspoken tweets less than a year prior to the August 2016 incident?

Carrie Fisher - Princess Leia - Diaries, Book and Affair Admission - Mother Dies Soon After

Leading up to her death, the world-renown Star Wars actress, Carrie Fisher, was getting a bit bold in her 60th year like many mature entertainers do.  However, being older is no excuse for running loose lips in an industry that is very guarded about occult knowledge, oaths, rituals and scandals. 

Admitting that one had a steamy affair with a married man while on the set of a major film like Star Wars isn't something that all involved would want the world to know. 

Interesting Fisher's massive heart attack occurred literally weeks after her admission of the affair made headline news.  Topping that, in a past media interview (before her book was released), she spoke of diaries she kept.  One can only wonder what else could have been in those diaries. Further, what about that book or books (she wrote more than one over the years), did she say something that angered some elitists?  Was this last memoir, "The Princess Diarist," the last straw? 

Carrie Fisher Has More to Say About Her Life in 'Star Wars' - New York Times 11-29-2016

“The Princess Diarist” is her latest memoir. One wonders, though, after 40 years of the “Star Wars” franchise — with its seven films (Fisher in four of them so far), countless documentaries, talk-show appearances, conventions and the internet’s obsessive cataloging — what’s left to tell?

Her big reveal? She and Harrison Ford (who was married at the time) had a secret love affair during the shoot, or as she refers to it, “a very long one-night stand.” She hasn’t talked about it publicly until now and states that it’s only her side of the story, but tells it two ways: from her current viewpoint as a 60-year-old looking back and as a 19-year-old writing in her journal as it happened.

It's important to note Fisher was an activist for mental health issues and had bipolar disorder.  In a 2000 interview with ABC's Dianne Sawyer she described her two personalities Pam and Roy.  Like so many celebrities, she too underwent her share of entertainment industry related challenges.  What if all the recent media exposure was causing her to snap behind the scenes?

The stars know they are to be careful what they say in the media, and yet another simple reminder, watch what you write too.  Looks like diaries are a "No, no!"  I couldn't help but think of Rihanna's video, "Anti-diary."

I have trouble believing that Fisher's heart attack just showed up suddenly. Then Fisher's mother died the next day, Debbie Reynolds.  "She died Wednesday after being brought to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles for a medical emergency," according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Monday, December 26, 2016

We Run Rap Music - The Puppet Masters Of The Music Industry - Satanic Il...

Watch others on Vigilant Citizen, YouTube

This video includes compelling anonymous letter regarding a meeting back in 1991 between executives about using rap music to promote criminal behavior so that private prisons could be filled up. This way the prisons could receive additional monies from the government.

Gay Rappers Exposed - Satanic Music Industry - Dr. Dre

Just in case this video as well as others about black entertainers are taken down, once again this is more video/audio proof of how so-called heterosexual rappers are really gay in those studios and board meetings contrary to what you see in the music videos.  The key is to make the public more friendly toward a lifestyle that is unpopular among the masses, according to the gay agenda.  However, it is still not acceptable by the mainstream public to accept a macho rapper being bi-sexual, gay, transgender, etc.  When you think of a rapper's image, you don't think of him sleeping with men.  So I guess in the future the industry will work harder on getting people to visually embrace African American men having public intimate relationships with one another like when that photo of Lil Wayne and Baby was floating around of them sharing a kiss and some of these reality TV shows writing story-lines related to gay relationships.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Celebrities Don't Talk Like This Nowadays - Martin Lawrence

Around the same time he was gaining popularity, he experienced a mental breakdown waving a gun back then saying that they were trying to kill him. "They" would be the same group responsible for breaking many other celebrities down as well.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The Simpsons & #PizzaGate (Run2Christ) 2016

The Simpsons has historically been one of those shows that allude to media events before they happen.  With so many bizarre pizza references, an insider or group is clearly making a connection to the Pizza Gate scandal involving  pedophilia rings.  You can't help but notice the insiders' references in the show.  I guess some mentally ill folks thought the toons' storylines were quite humorous--not in the least.

kanye West MK Ultra BLONDE HAIR Victim of The Illuminati!

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Rapper Big Syke - RIP - Do Something, Say Something Call to Action on Wealthy Entertainers

Big Syke said something in this interview that I was thinking when I heard Kanye share his frustrations on stage.  I thought about 2Pac and I said if he were alive, he would have been a mouthpiece in politics.  In this interview (see link first), Big Syke acknowledged top celebrities who speak out about issues including LeBron and encouraged the wealthy that if they do something, they should say something.  Ironically, Big Syke is now dead of natural causes (heart issues) at age 48.  He interviewed with BET in September 2016.

I Talked To: 2Pac: That One Time He Put It All On The Line

Big Syke as well as other musicians encourage others to read, research, and know truth for yourself.   Just imagine if people in the music industry got a fire in their bellies for REAL change while keeping it real!  What if their voices got louder and they spoke the kind of things that caused people within and out of the industry to question things, expose facades, shift money into the hands of the deserving, build new networks, tear down others, and actually make a difference that empowers brothers and sisters in the hood...slowly but surely an empowered, educated people with a street mentality could overthrow all sorts of elitists establishments.  No more focus on the money, cars, drugs, females...but a spiritual people living and walking in their higher callings--WOW! 

Tuesday, November 22, 2016


Kanye West's full speech at the Saint Pablo Tour in San Jose on November...

Kanye crazy for truth, trying to convince people not to believe the hype.  Hospitalized for some re-programming and possibly on the fast track to a slow death.  Stay tuned.

In other news...

Did you notice Snoop used to distract from the message via a set up reaction video and even was bold enough to talk about Kanye still being alive and saying he was on something, really?  Quiet Snoop, we didn't forget about Tupac.  You knew what time it was back then, we saw your eyes looking over at Tupac on his telling time again, keep quiet that's what you do best.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

False Religion From the East Deceives the Masses

The media manipulation isn't just within the states, but has been spreading for decades internationally claiming to be of light, but is nothing more than a religion of fallen angels.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Coolio Talks Reveals the truth about Islam and Encourages to Create Community Protection Groups and Arm Yourself

Coolio moved out of LA and became a "conscious thinker."  When people, especially celebrities, with large platforms come out and start speaking truth, they are looked at a little more closely by government entities, occult groups, political establishments and more with their own set of agendas. When Coolio speaks of establishing community protection groups or something similar to Black Panthers, he is considered dangerous and watched carefully.  Whether he inadvertently forgot the gun was there or was told it was okay and he would get special favor, the point is he now is distracted with legal woes therefore whatever influence who could have made on the public, it has been delayed verbally and monetarily (it takes money to fund movements).  Further, not everyone who speaks out is killed by the powers that be, rather the mental health and physical well being of an individual is disturbed so much in fact that he or she will no longer be a potential threat with his or her "conscious thinking."  Stay tuned for the next celebrity who wants to raise awareness, speak out about news events or believe he or she can do something to affect very powerful organizations' systems already in place.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

When Truth and Lie Mix...Confusing, Twisted Gray Areas Co-Exist

Who do you believe?  What do you sincerely need?  Where do you really want to go in life?  Don't worry if you have no established boundaries, there will always be someone, somewhere creating some gray areas for you to doubt what you know is true. 

The charmer will cause you to stray away from personal truth while mixing lies with your truths.  Watch for haters, liars, bigots, jealous folks and others who all have one thing in common, the love of money!  The one who has the most is deemed successful and the one who has the least not-so much, according to the one who invented whatever mind game he or she chooses to play with you.

When you don't know what to believe, the concoction of truth and lie produces a gray area made up of insults, chaos, distrust, and challenging relationships.  From the board room to the bedroom, disagreements increase and the fight persists between individuals trying to make one another believe almost anything they have been fed by someone else.

The lost, confused, used and abused believe anything as long as those things make them feel good about themselves.  They support almost anyone as long as the individual can increase profits, treat them like kings and queens, and most of all do as they are told. 

American puppet masters feed the good, bad, and ugly of consumerism, enslaving the fools who mindlessly buy into whoever or whatever just so long as it "isn't so bad...for good one has to know what is really in that..."  So the lie is conjured up to hide the truth and as long as no one rocks the boat, all is well--at least so some think.

Buy, buy, buy...turn people into products and services and when they don't deliver, throw them out.

You know the game, you bought into it.

Nicholl McGuire

Sunday, September 4, 2016

New World Order - You're Not Stupid, Just Confused

They scrambled your views, attitudes, beliefs...they influenced your buying habits...they told you what to do with your children, how to obtain your skills, where to go, who to meet, what to read...

There is nothing new about the world order, it is only becoming more powerful in its design to confuse, use, and abuse due to ignorance and money feeding it! 

We all fall and have fallen in psychological and physical traps, because we are too focused on a single thought, pain, idea, celebrity, or something else they know we are weak to and so we are led astray into useless relationships, good-for-nothing employment, court rooms, jails, doctors' offices, counselors, bad investments, weak educational systems, and more! 

If we get to close to the truth about anything of substance, we are distracted with jobs, pregnancy, sensationalized media stories, ridiculous worries, troubled loved ones, etc.  However, no matter what life or elitists throw at you, get back on track to truth-seeking!  Don't be deceived or misguided by distractions.  Know truth for yourself.  Put all five senses and your spirit to work!

When you live on the planet for quite sometime, life begins to look a lot like a re-run.  You see the same old shows over and over again. You know the outcomes.  Another group is brainwashed into thinking that all that appears to be truly is due to the following: they learned this or that in the classroom, a parent told them, an insider said, and you know the rest.  Yet, most often the lie is dispelled, the truth comes forth and people already convinced of the lie will continue to go along with it because it sounds right to them or there is some kind of benefit attained for their false beliefs.  The lie becomes the truth and the truth becomes the lie.

It's okay to be confused about some things, but don't let confusion be an excuse to stop truth-seeking.  Don't believe the hype, believe what is right!  You know someone or something is right when truth points back to the one who created you. 

Built within us all is a light of truth and we have a choice to turn it on or turn it off.

Nicholl McGuire

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Rigged, Ratings, Money - Sports Entertainment - You Know, But You Still Support

No protests, no withdrawing money, no leaving the entertainment world...just rants and then later excuse-making, deleting, and minimizing from the outspoken slaves within the elitists' circles. 

We truth-tellers, whistleblowers, preachers, and average citizens keep telling you THE REAL, but your poor minds just don't want to receive how you play a part in enabling the madness.  The brainwashing kicks in and tells you, "The critics don't know what their talking about...conspiracy theorists...jealous folks...haters" whatever your personal experiences with mega star anything or institutional programming from military to sports, you mustn't see, speak, smell or listen to the truth.

The truth is and the truth will always be that sports entertainment isn't like backyard football or elementary basketball--there is wheeling and dealing and you who have a dream to be something of a star will become a part of a script that isn't always going to make you the "Golden Child" in the storyline.

Everyone knows that Lebron and others who came before him had to put their time in, experience major upsets and disgraces, and more before receiving a coveted reward, ring and special status with certain establishments.  Can we say Kobe? 

The rants will die down from family members of slighted superstars and they will tow the line, get back into pocket, sit pretty, be quiet and wait their turn or else suffer the consequences.  Entertainers not only sell themselves, but their loved ones too.  Ride or die and experience emotional, spiritual and/or physical death when you don't listen to the puppet masters, Slaves (this includes their family members too).

Nicholl McGuire

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Blood Bathing Ritual

RIP "The Voice" Christina Grimmie.  She was once outspoken about her beliefs in the precepts contained in the Holy Bible years back.  She rejected Levine's label and an offer from Lil Wayne after her win. She was dropped from Island Records.  She released music over the years during Feb-Mar 2016 and went on tour this same year.  Her final performance was June 10, 2016.  Her career ended by a stalker or was he manufactured?  What or who might have been his connection?  Hmm.  Conveniently, he killed himself, so he won't be able to reveal the truth. 

Wake up.

Targeted For Death - Life Insurance - Star Whacking & Big Money

Trump is Bulworth - South Central Speech (1998)

Saturday, June 4, 2016

BANNED Discovery Channel Documentary Satanism and Pedophilia EXPOSED

A full Documentary on organized Satanism and Pedophilia exposed by Former FBI Chief Gunderson

This documentary was slated to run on The Discovery Channel but was pulled before it was ever broadcast. Poor quality, but STUNNING!

Monday, May 30, 2016

Friday, May 20, 2016

Cold Case Files Hollywood Secrets - Many People Go Missing, Die

This is just one of many examples of people who are murdered and the police don't successfully find killers.  Others go missing and those who know what happened, don't talk in either situation.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Psychological Warfare Has Been Long at Work to Keep Voters Divided - No Woman, Not Another Black Man, No Latino for President

Media got your angry, real angry!  You may not have realized and you may still be thinking like you have complete control over your opinions, ideas, and more.  However, you and I and many others were being manipulated once again by the media not to even consider voting for anyone we choose, but for the person the elitists have long ago decided.  This always happens nearing and during an election season.  Those who observe the psychological tactics, spiritual warfare and motives will go to work fighting against the elitists favorites along the journey to the White House.  So how does one get caught up the trickery?  He or she is played like a pawn based on one's personal irritations, ignorance, and past behavior at the election polls among other things.

The blogs, surveys, vlogs, polls, family traditions, buying habits, social media conversations and more reveal what you like and don't like.  That information is then used to sway your belief system in a favorable direction orchestrated by those who have vested interest in getting the "right" candidate into office.

For instance, Beyoncé is one of those entertainers that has been used like a puppet to distract the masses.  Those of us who wee heavily influenced by her independent woman crusade ended up being shifted from a "I can do anything mindset" to being drawn into relationship drama/blues.  Really, did we need this leading up and during an election season?  Apparently so.  Hillary was on the ticket and if Beyoncé's previous movement would have gained momentum, there wouldn't have been much competition.  All the single ladies, independent women, disgruntled wives, and more would be standing behind her.  But then a group got the bright idea to start parading white women with black men a little more than usual everywhere.  Now what was the intent?  To divide blacks and whites up.  Most people know that older black women are not too happy about decent African American men hooking up, dating or marrying white women.  So subliminally they aren't all that excited about white women especially when they work for and with them five days a week.  It wasn't any surprised that they started considering Trump of all people.  Heartbroken, angry, and prejudice black woman don't mind supporting someone who has already shown he too has his share of demons.  In addition, he also is an outspoken, straightforward, at times igonorant, and bold type too.

How about another example?  Long before Hillary and Trump were separated from the pack of president hopefuls, the systematic brainwashing of swinging the public away from the lesser known names like with Sanders (notice his sound is often muted during commercials and short news bits, but I digress) had begun.  Black men were getting beat up, racial issues were arising, and so the majority of the public wasn't the least bit interested in seeing another black man in office--that was the goal.  Around that time, Obama looked weak and wasn't saying or doing too much from the start of the mayhem (remember all the stories of the police officers getting away with killing blacks over stupid things and so Black Lives Matters was birth to calm the public down a bit) then gradually we see more of Obama.  The plan: keep Carson out of office among other things like divide the races once again.

From the music to movie selections especially media that comes on during peak listening/watching hours is always a message, one that is covert, "Vote for who we say...Listen and obey."  You are reminded of this even when you walk outside of your home and see someone wearing a cheap t-shirt (that was meant to be affordable and worn in primarily troubled areas). 

While the masses falsely believe they know what they want, the mind control effects tell them what they should do.  Programming is moderated on and offline and how well it has taken effect will show up once again in yet another poll.

Shall we go on?  Latinos in media wasn't looking so good either early on this election season.  If anything, there wasn't too much said about them (other than immigration and wall news) until Trump started spewing some ignorance and getting the masses fired up.  This led to many running over to Hillary's side--clever, wasn't it?  The elitists in control of much government and media entities was giving the world an illusion (and still is) of a real presidential race.  It would have been too obvious that big business wanted Trump.  Meanwhile, the Latino vote was scripted, aided, and influenced by those in favor of Hillary.  It didn't take much to push a talkative Trump to say something dumb.  Those behind the scenes know full well what Trup's personality is like and they play on his weaknesses.  When his loose lips worked to bring down a few ships, that wasn't good enough, how about he say some more ignorant things and just maybe the public would lose faith in him?  Well not all programming works, now does it?  But some intelligent public relations folks along with teams of brainwashed citizens will make you falsely believe you have power, even when you don't.  Taking a survey has more leverage at least plans can be orchestrated with your needs in mind if nothing else.
It is safe to say that the end result will be by design this election season like it has always been.  Enjoy the guessing game.

As we mature and break all sorts of programming from family to military, remember there is always a battle for your mind in mainstream media.  No show is broadcasted over the airwaves solely for your enjoyment.  No music is played over and over again just because a group has shown interest.  And no candidate is chosen just because you got off of your butt and placed a vote that may or may not count.  Do your research and avoid believing the hype that a group, agenda or system is fair, honest and in your best interest.

Nicholl McGuire

Friday, May 13, 2016

Cheat Sheet for Watching Secret Society Television Programming

Cheat sheet that brings awareness to the tool that has brainwashed many for countless years...

1.  Camera angles mean something to some of the discerning, not all.  No happenstances, the camera was meant to be pointed where it was.
2.  Numbers that are in focus in a show while others are blurred, the video camera lingers on them a bit longer than others hidden knowledge is communicated to certain groups.
3.  Mannerisms that appear to be scripted from odd accidents during strange times or a bizarre remark or hand gesture has a purpose, a meaning behind the meaning--you may never know.
4.  If the script sounds prophetic, then it probably is another crisis near you.
5.  Programming on TV is picked to reflect certain holidays--the ones you know about and the ones you don't.
6.  You are mesmerized, guided and brainwashed long before a tragic event requiring donations takes place--the goal: your money, give to the cause (the front group) but partial proceeds goes to the one you know nothing about.
7.  Deaths are profitable whether orchestrated or not.  Some you were already programmed to anticipate before they happened.  The fake death becomes a real death of many elitists.
8.  Select programming, select programming with celebrities, select programming with celebrities and their old works communicate, "We need your support soon--dollars preferably, so buy whatever we put out or work on...another project ahead!"
9.  You are indeed what you eat, what you purchase, what you take, as you dream about whatever the images from those late night commercials, in the future, you will buy or suggest what you saw/heard to someone else.  Thank your subconscious that keeps you broke!
10.  Last, but certainly not least (you can surely add to the list), you are programmed to rely on others and things to make you happy and so you will not do much more than drown your sorrows in front of a television screen--deep in a trance you are lulled into an even deeper sleep.

Nicholl McGuire

Monday, April 25, 2016

False Flags, Financial Collapse and Martial Law

What if the current currency is no longer valid?  Let's take a look at Greece.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Secret Societies, Idol Worship and a Jealous God

Microphone, Music, Stage, Event

While you are in pursuit of distraction away from the things that really matter, just know that idol worship is something forbidden if you call yourself a "believer" in Jesus, God, Holy Ghost, etc. 

Take a look at a fellow blogger who lists the Scriptures that prove without a shadow of a doubt that God isn't the least bit pleased with idol worshippers.  Learn more here.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

False Jesus Spirit Among Us

The Bible warns of the false teachers and the corrupt doctrines they teach and preach.  But do the people of God really pay close attention to the Bible?  Apparently not, because far too many churches have been swept away by so many false gospels that put money, power, and fame at the top of their lists.  People are to think, do and say the kind of things that are rooted in principles created by man-made religion that esteem leadership and cause many followers (who sincerely want to follow the real Christ) to be led astray.

This false Messiah is merely a spirit that presents himself as a light via the men and women who are open to receiving "it."  He or she (the genderless being) eventually shows up sooner or later bearing not good fruits but nasty, perverted, even downright dark and scary ones.  You see the person possessed with eyes glazed over or staring off into space as if waiting to react to the demonic spirits commands.  The victim is like a puppet.  He or she even talks and moves like one from time to time.  For a moment, you don't feel like you are talking to another human being, but someone or something else. 

If you encountered something like what was previously described with a person who claims to know Jesus, he or she is not indwelled with the Holy Ghost.  Rather the individual is filled with pride, anger, hate, self-deceit, and ultimately self-destruction.  The person will not admit wrong-doing and will not hesitate to become violent when exposed.  Just like one's master he or she kills, steals, and destroys others with hands, mouth, or in other ways. 

Many of these individuals eat far too much, curse, lie, steal and do many things behind closed doors in the so-called name of Jesus.  When they appear publicly, they are quite charming.  Most witnesses would describe these serpents as being "nice" and "charismatic," but those who live with them, no better.

There is a Jesus that many so-called believers have, but that false teacher disguised as Satan believes in all things that go against God.  He or she eventually exposes one's personal truth sooner or later.  They are their own gods unconsciously serving a false god.  So don't believe the hype when the false leader, with the same deceptive spirit, shows up on the international scene looking quite spiritual, acting as if he is going to save humanity, performing dark rituals, while eloquently talking of plans to unify.  His real motive is to kill as many sincere believers as he possibly can.  Stay tuned.  The false one shows up when you least expect it after many counterfeits continue to make their grand appearances.

Nicholl McGuire    

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Real Reason Walmart Is Closing Multiple Stores? Answer Will Floor You!

Look up Agenda 21 speaker references in video.

Find out about the NAFTA agreement.

Check out the government subsidized farms. Control the food, control the people.

Research other countries and how they used similar tactics outlined in Agenda 21.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Why Some Just Don't Like Ted Cruz

There are a lot of people who don't like Trump, but also plenty of others who don't like Cruz.  The reasons are in abundance.  One major faux paux is exaggerated story-telling regarding Rafael Cruz's lies which have been embellished and repeated by Ted Cruz.  The questionable history is what helped Cruz' gain mainstream popularity.  Here are some sources to help you get started with your research, thanks to All People Gifts.


New York Times




Caleb's Report

All Things Democrat

Daily Mail, UK

Friday, March 11, 2016

Subliminal Hyper Sexualization of Children Exposed! @ViolentCrimeUK

Know who is influencing your mind, your younger relatives, and others.  Perverted men and women will push their personal agendas in so called harmless ways.  Meanwhile, the niave, gullible and ignorant will encourage the sexy attire, mannerisms, words, etc.  The future becomes nothing more than more whoredom.  Wake up!

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Share Paranormal, Unusual Science, Strange Happenings in Your Area...

On this blog we feature bloggers, writers and video makers with compelling information about our society from schools to politics, so if you want to spread the word about something the public needs to know, do share. 

There are those who lie wait, the kind of people who want to know the truth as well as those who enjoy telling lies.  Be a beacon of light in a dark, confused, deaf, dumb, and blind world, bring truth, thought-provoke, warn and challenge. 

Looking forward to hearing from you!  Send correspondence, links, or any other useful info. to

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Hillary Clinton Lying For 13 Minutes Straight 100% EXPOSED (Redsilverj)

Notice the number 13?  The video is definitely showing the lies she has told over the years, but we also know that she has enemies that never want to see her in office.

Just a reminder about the Clintons history...

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Election Fraud - Presidents Are Selected Not Elected

Video contains compelling information about election fraud from software being rigged to documents being illegally filled out.  Learn more.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Mixing Human DNA with Animal DNA

10 Ways Science is Using Human-Animal Hybrids

Chimeras, Cybrids, Hybrids and more

Genetically-modified humans are already walking among us

Prepare for future of troops with 'mutant powers' Pentagon urged

Super Soldiers: What is Military Human Enhancement?

Eugenic Experimentation on American People

The Horrifying American Roots of Nazi Eugenics

The mixing had been done many centuries before, the answers are in fossils and other artifacts hidden underground. Research new human fossil discoveries.

Synthetic Robotoids Explained

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Companies that have spent much money advertising to black America

According to a 2008 report, the following companies have spent much money targeting African American customers.  This explains why they are household names in many African American communities.  Take a look at these numbers. Top 25 Advertisers in African American Media

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Secret Sex Rituals

In this video, the speaker provides the background of secret societies who use children for sex magic acts.  They believe they can access alternative realities and become gods of different universes through the rituals.  They think they can live forever through the defiling of a child (sexual abuse).  Know who and what is around your children in and out of the family and study their fraternal affiliations.  Check your family history.  Read Genealogy X What to Expect When Researching Family History

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Human Zoos, Handlers

Demonic Celebrity Testimonies

Uncover Your Family History - Expose the Truth about Your Ancestry

Some researchers know so much about entertainers, secret clubs, government conspiracies and more, but when it comes to their own family and why they do the things they do, they don't have a clue!  Uncover your family history and bring peace to yourself and others about those family secrets.

Why is knowing one's ancestry so important?

- Prevention of accidental "kissing cousin" incidents.
- You or someone you know is having an identity crisis.
- Inheritance money is on the line.
- Certain family members continue to spread lies.
- Legal purposes in order to state claim on property, possessions, etc.
- Health reasons.
- Patterns of abuse.
- Curiosity
- Birth of children, future legacy.
- Peace of mind.

Know your family history.  Here's a helpful guide with free samples and use coupon code PM62D limited time only.  Genealogy X What to Expect When Researching Family History

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Manufactured Challenges, Strategic Messages Affecting Personal Beliefs

Pit people against one another and most observers will be too focused on the fight to see what is ongoing around them.  The question one should ask is, "Why are these two groups being hyped for or against one another all around the web?"  For example, self-hating black women and men.  Of course, this isn't true of an entire race of people, but if enough people are at war with one another in the media suddenly it is an epidemic.  When you noticed a rise on TV and elsewhere of black men dating white women in American media, did you bother to question it or black women partnered with white men? 

Behind the scenes groups figure out various ways to challenge and eventually change the public mindset about long-held beliefs, whether right or wrong, to usher in new ideas, new couples, new studies, and anything else new they want to try.  Consider "the rise" of certain political issues, the brainwashing of men and women to change their identity (even if they were not convinced to go all the way), so that gender as we know it is redefined, or what about a "new" perspective on something that is immoral such as the way an entertainer sexily dresses and performs to what is featured on public television that might have once not been shown?

So the next time you see a rise of anyone or anything that isn't typical, know that there is an agenda behind the agenda and your beloved puppets will be paid well to pass on whatever views no matter how foolish and irresponsible to a naïve public that believes "it is what it is." 

Nothing heavily promoted in front of the masses via mainstream news and elsewhere is what it appears to be--nothing!

Nicholl McGuire

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Ask Questions

The moment you ask, "Why?" along comes the devil with "Why not?"  Do you really expect him/her to give you the truth?  Get it for yourself even if you are called a bunch of names, mistreated, and banned, keep on asking anyway.

Frustration, emotional abuse, physical pain, and more play a part in shattering your mind over and over again until you have no sense of self.  When you lack common sense, you will stop concerning yourself with the truth.  You will be more susceptible to believing a lie, any lie, from a manipulator's story of success to a false god telling you that you are your own god. -- Nicholl McGuire

Unveil the Success - Coverup, Leaders, Politicians, Celebrities

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Do You Know the Meaning Behind Some of those Relics You See Celebrities Wear?

Although some say they are Christian or claim to be a part of another group, the things they choose to decorate their face, ears, necks, wrists and more says otherwise.  Know the signs and symbols before you choose to wear something.  Signs and Symbols of Witchcraft and the New Age

Sunday, January 3, 2016

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