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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Christian Rapper Offered Record Contract to Sing Secular

Soul-Selling Artists are about the Devil's Business

No matter how much someone talks about their background in religion and their love for God, to cover up the soul-selling that they already did, when you desire to have more fame, power, sex, material wealth or more, sooner or later you will sell your soul to the devil as long as the need is there.  Here are a few interviews for you to check out:

Nicole Scherzinger from Pussy Cat Dolls talks about soul-selling.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Ric Flair Interview that Might Have Caused a Stir with Some and Reid Flair Passing

In this interview, wrestler Ric Flair admits to being told to say things while in North Korea that would have created a media frenzy.  He spoke candidly about his North Korea visit and described it as "volatile."  He took this trip many years ago with boxer Muhammed Ali and shared his personal opinion about their government, he said, "They don't like us or the Japanese."  The Korean government told him how powerful they were and wanted him and Ali to go back and tell America "that they are there to be reckoned with."  He talked of someone trying to communicate with them about how the people were treated and then later their phones were shut off.  According to Flair, someone said the people there made $6 a week.  He added during the same visit, the Korean government wanted him to make a public statement that they could destroy America.  He didn't say it and spoke positively instead about his visit. 

This interview was dated on YouTube for March 8, 2013 and aired on the NBC Charlotte network.  On Good Friday, March 29, 2013, Flair's son is found dead in a hotel.  His son had wrestled in Japan, worked with his father prior to Ric's retirement, and most recently was due to go to Maryland. Read more about Reid Flair's passing here.

Read about North Korea entering "state of war" here.

Playing with Your Mind

If there was ever a time to pay close attention to the one true God, it is now!  With so much evil being promoted on and off electronic screens, you can't help but feel miserable most of the time.  So what to do?  Back off from all the PROGRAMMING! 

As much as we tell ourselves, "It's not's just entertainment...besides I'm bored."  The truth of the matter is we are permitting someone's opinion, idea, upbringing, or worse dark spirit to come into our minds and homes to do what?  CHANGE US!

The more you watch others do something (especially immoral activities,) the more you take whatever you feel is right, good, or beneficial and use what you see to suit your own needs.  For example, if I watch a show about how to cook a particular item, I am open to receiving whatever it is I need to learn in order to prepare that meal.  When I am sitting in a group and listening intently to a speaker week after week, I am permitting myself to take in whatever he or she says.  I'm sure you can come up with some more examples as they relate to being programmed.

We are motivated by all sorts of people and things to do or don't do something whether we have a moment to think about our actions or inactions or not.  Today, take sometime to ask yourself, "Why do I bother listening to someone or group daily/weekly/monthly?  Why do I make myself watch this or that?  What is it about this person/show/event/thing that makes me so loyal to him/her/it?"  I will tell you when you think like this the following will happen:

1.  Emails will be less, because you start ridding yourself from certain email lists.
2.  Contacts in your phone will decrease, because you realize you don't need or want to communicate with certain people and businesses anyway.
3.  Documents both on and off your computer will be discarded, because you find yourself wanting to get rid of things that don't serve a purpose in your life anymore.
4.  Social networking contacts and websites will be diminished, because you realize many of those people could care less about what you do and are not much of a help mentally, physically or spiritually.

So do take some time to pray, fast and reflect today on what you really want and what you really don't want to affect your mind, body and spirit.

God bless.

Nicholl McGuire is the author of various books including: When Mothers Cry, Laboring to Love Myself, Spiritual Poems by Nicholl and others.  Visit her YouTube channel: nmenterprise7 to get to know this author and mother of four.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Dr. Martin Luther King's Last Speech and Researcher Steve Cokely

Unless you purchase this profound, tear-jerking speech in its entirety or happen to see it somewhere online, Dr. Martin Luther King's last performance is always shown edited.  It is obvious that when he delivers this speech he is no longer concerned about what happens to him.  His mannerisms are not typical of his past speeches and neither is the look in his eyes, it is clear that he knows the risk he is taking by sharing his personal thoughts or possibly knowledge that was not approved prior to standing before this audience.  It has been said by researchers King was a part of Freemasonry.  The minister had become very powerful; therefore, one, who is connected, must follow the scripts/plans/precepts he has been given or else.  Back then, Freemasonry was much stricter than it is now.

Dr. Martin Luther King Last Speech I've Been to the Mountaintop

This has been edited but notice his criticism of American laws, media, etc.  Remember how large his platform was and how much press he and his followers received?  It wouldn't be long before he was murdered in attempt to slow progress. 

Researcher Steve Cokely, who passed away in April 2012, spent some time over the years pointing the finger at Jesse Jackson, a King follower, calling him a Judas.  He blamed him as well as others who were a part of  King's assassination.  The following videos provide some disturbing information of the key players during the civil rights movement and how various events systematically brought King down.

Cokely brought much information to the public in an effort to get listeners to think about our government's laws, world power players, secret societies, media, current events and more.  He and his family was targeted by various establishments for Cokely's revealing truth.  Below is the speaker's last interview prior to his death.  He had promised to reveal the names of the benefactors behind rising gas prices.  He didn't live long enough to do so.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Anger the Wrong People, Affect Dollars and Cents, Break an Oath...

It's lights out for some big mouth rappers, a step down from the spotlight when one loses control, fame, money, popularity, and whatever else after being on top. 

Couldn't help but notice the seizures Lil Wayne has had over a short period of time.  Couldn't help but notice his increase in drug usage.  Couldn't help but notice his sudden retirement.  Couldn't help but notice the all-too-popular weapons possession charge ...couldn't help but notice who he belongs to and why he and his career is being flipped upside down!

Observe the world around you, more specifically the sports world.  The NBA, NFL and other sporting leagues don't want the bad publicity, because bad news eventually means eye-opening experiences for the discerning.  Those who have small platforms can't shout loud enough at these manipulative, cheating, sporting industries where the masses can hear, but a popular rapper like Lil Wayne, well that man has some degree of star power.  If he can insult beloved, teacher's pets of the NBA and insult one's wife, then what else might he say or do?  Time to put the baby to sleep, he's a threat. 

Ever wonder why celebrities are so respectful and loyal to other celebrities--always being careful not to rock the boat?  Because they know not to bite the hand that feeds them by not playing by the book.  "Secret societies want my mind, soul and my body..." as one rapper put it.

The following are some interesting pieces about Lil Wayne's issues recently:

A timeline leading up to Lil Wayne's jail time back in 2010

Attempted to launch a skate park and had some problems

 Miami Heat Rant - February 2013

Seizures  NOTE: During October 2012 Lil Wayne had seizures then and some fans thought he had died.

WHAT's WITH THE SEIZURES?  Drugs or being drugged?

Another rapper that has undergone similar events in recent years is Tone Loc.  Like Lil Wayne, Tone Loc had seizures too.  In the past, the over 40 year old rapper has also had to deal with a gun charge and domestic violence accusations.  He pleaded innocent to his charges.

See below:

Tone Loc weapons charge

Tone Loc altercation with child's mother

Tone Loc seizures Iowa

Tone Loc had refused to go to hospital after seizure

Tone Loc collapses Atlanta

What is interesting prior to Tone Loc's seizure incident in Atlanta Rick Ross had one.

Rick Ross had two seizures while riding on plane

Note:  many rappers have had to deal with weapons charges.  Makes you wonder, what is going on in the Hip Hop Industry.  Could it be that someone or a group encourages the ignorant to do stupid things to affect their careers and then later use those same things against them later?

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A Title, Award, Fame, Power - All Distractions

What is keeping you from knowing the truth about a situation, family member, favorite entertainer, or even when it comes to your finances?  Sometimes it is the glitter and glitz of seeing a celebrity in person wearing an over-priced suit.  Other times you marvel over the many accomplishments of one who has name recognition from around the world.  Periodically, you might find yourself admiring the relationship of others so you permit that to sway you from researching anymore about truth, "Don't ask anymore questions," you warn yourself while in the presence of a relative or friend. 

Those that claim, "I don't care...I am not easily impressed with people..." are usually the ones that are often misled the minute their favorite person shows up with what they believe is trustworthy truth.  The best way to get to anyone, including a skeptic or one who considers his or her self wise, is to reach the ears of those who are closest to him or her with an unpleasant truth.  This is how one who we think is smart, popular, powerful and the like begins to take the slow or fast spiral downward in his or her family, career or elsewhere.  He or she listens without considering the source because well of course, "She is my dear friend of over ten years...He is trustworthy...I love them dearly, they would never..."  Far too many people are overly confident in flawed, money-loving, overly sexualized human beings with a weakness for the demonic.

Titles, awards, fame, power and other things that programmable puppets consider important are mere distractions.  A name without a title or something behind it that shouts, "You are someone worth listening to..." means nothing in America!  No one in any professional industry would give any downright foolish or talentless person a second thought if he or she wasn't connected with someone or a group with name recognition.  "Oh she worked with...Oh he knows...Okay let's hear what they've got!"  says the producer/owner/CEO. 

The problem with many individuals who stumble across real truth is that once they see it for what it is, they find themselves looking for excuses not to believe it.  They insult messengers with frivolous arguments, bad mouth sincerely caring individuals, and will go so far as to either lie, cover up, or stay mum about the recently discovered truth.  Why?  Because ultimately one's ego, title, award, power, fame, etc. is more important than the truth, and for that, it isn't any wonder why so many are hoodwinked out of money, marriages, property, position, and more. 

Look beyond the distractions, my friend!

Nicholl McGuire is the author of Know Your Enemy: The Christian's Critic.
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