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Thursday, February 28, 2013

G. Craig Lewis Says the Devil Always Demands a Dead Sacrifice

Brother G. Craig Lewis speaks before Christian audiences about the Hip Hop Industry.  With detailed analysis, visual aids and more, he provides examples and personal experience about the Satanic music industry.  Lewis has received much criticism from music fans and has been accused of being a false prophet.  The truth hurts!

Check out one of his videos that provides spiritual commentary of well-known rappers Tupac, Biggie and R&B singer and actress Aaliyah.  If the following link is broken, search G.Craig Lewis Hip Hop and PRDirector1.

See here:

Rappers Give Insight About How Entertainers are Treated by The Powers that Be

Disgruntled recording artists share truth when things aren't looking right with them and record sales are plummeting.  In the following videos, you hear what goes on behind the scenes in the music industry.  It's all about making that money!!! 
Rapper Kanye West has been known for speaking out about how he feels about certain groups and individuals. 

Rapper Lupe Fiasco talked about experience with Atlanta Records.

Bun B Speaks on Illuminati at his ETHICS OF HIP HOP Panel Discussion | Rice Univ. HERE

Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Late William Milton Cooper Spoke about 9-11 attack before it happened

A researcher, author of Behold a Pale Horse, and a military servicemen for the United States Navy, Bill Cooper, shared information with the public on his radio show that made him a walking target.   One of his shocking mentions was that of 9-11 (before it happened) and how the United States government would blame Osama Bin Laden for the World Trade Center's attack.

Deceased Researcher and Former Music Producer Talked about Secret Society and Entertainment Industry

John Todd shares some insightful information at a Christian gathering about government, secret society, and the entertainment industry.

Ex Member of The Global Elite Tells All

In this video, former investment banker, George Greene, briefly mentions the following:

War in the middle east.

Talk about neutron bomb on Israel.  World War III.

Enemy prison war camp.


Secret city in Russia.

Nuclear bombs.

Other war plans.

The elite controlling the democratic and republican parties and more.

Greene decided to start speaking about plans of the world leaders as a result of a personal insult made by someone who wanted to sleep with his 14 year old daughter. He further explains in video that he began noticing his surroundings, which contained world leaders taking drugs,  so he came to the realization that these people have to be stopped.

Former Member of R&B Group Dru Hill Speaks About the Music Industry

It has been said that many entertainers who have become very successful in the music industry had to sell their souls.  The process happens slowly.  James Green, former member of Dru Hill, said that being in a group selling one's soul doesn't have to occur with all members, all is needed is just one willing to do whatever is asked of him.  He personally didn't take any oaths or sign his name in blood on a contract.

Jesus: A Major Whistleblower in His Time

Tupac was too smart for his own good

Manipulated, bamboozled, tricked, Tupac's weaknesses were used against him( ie.) growing up with lack,) to distract him from his original plan and that was to go back and help many impoverished blacks.  But his image had gradually changed and he became busier with other endeavors ordered by the individuals and group that financed him.  When Tupac realized what was happening, the anger he had for the organization that created and protected him, he would turn against them and they would push back.  Classic example, deviate from the script and another man goes down.

There is a "They" in control of the artists.

They decide whether they live or die.  In this video, "they" is used alot.  Celebrities whether in government, music, arts, media, or in other industries are controlled by groups that are not known among the masses.


Entertainment is More than Just Entertainment But Watch and Pray About Some Researchers

David Icke has been very outspoken about the entertainment industry, secret societies, mind control, and other related subject matter.  Many researchers question why is he still alive.  Some have said he sold out and he is a disinformation agent.

Jordan Maxwell shares insight about the entertainment industry and how movies are used to program the masses.  But he too has been accused by researchers of selling out.  This video shows that Maxwell and Icke are working for dark entities.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

False Flag Operations: What Is It? What to Watch Out For?

Military , Economic and Informational False Flags. 

It's not so much how you feel about a subject matter, but what is truth and what is lie?  The feelings are nothing more than mere distractions from what really matters and that is the truth.  Watch as well as pray.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Don Cheadle Spoke Out About Selective Editing in Media

It was just a simple Twitter post that spoke volumes made by actor and activist Don Cheadle about NBC's handling of the Zimmerman 911 call. In case you forgot, this was the story about a young black teen, Trayvon Martin, fatally shot by a neighborhood watch volunteer, George Zimmerman.  In support of the fallen victim, many put their hoods up while the case was being investigated.

Cheadle accused NBC of misleading the public in the way that they edited the Zimmerman 911 call. One detail edited was Zimmerman's assumption the teen was black without any prompting from the 911 call operator.  The actor writes on Twitter and comments to a follower which was picked up by Twitchy, an entertainment social blog,  
"Dear NBC News, Huh???

It was "an error made in the production process that we deeply regret." Really? "Error?" Anybody out there know anything about editing?

Unless the AVID malfunctioned, SOMEBODY was faking the funk. Why?, is the question. What was furthered beyond NBC news ratings?

Dangerous subject matter to be f*cking with. Irresponsible, incendiary and completely counter to the furtherance of justice for either side

Edited, produced, AND greenlit to air. The greatest responsibility lies with those listed but in the inverse order.

Truth doesn't need "help." If Zimmerman is proven guilty of a crime he should be charged accordingly and prosecuted to the full extent."
"One more outburst like that and we will..." that's what I was thinking.  What are the chances that someone who isn't quite sold on the story of poor black boy shot for doing nothing more than walking down the street was murdered is going to think?  I will tell you what I thought, "Choose wisely what battle you want to use your platform to promote change."  These entertainers know that you don't bite the hand that feeds you.  Many of these media power players are one big family, so to speak.  If one doesn't like this entertainer and that one for speaking out about a certain subject matter, it means nothing to silence them.   I recall a verse in the Bible that talks about not getting involved in another man's quarrel.  Was any of us there to know what really happened?  Imagine this for a moment, a guy comes up to a teen in the dark and asks him a question like, "What are you doing here?"  The boy gets an attitude and starts cursing.  Let's say the guy attempts to man-handle him.  The boy goes off, "What the...!?  So he starts giving that man a beating of his life.  In a rage, ashamed, confused, and shocked, the man, reaches for his weapon and kills him.  End of story.  No hoods up, no celebrities commenting, and no parents saying too much because they know how their smart mouth kids can be.  But then the media shows up and the whole thing gets blown out of proportion to the point that people are watching their calendars to find out when the suspect is going to be brought to justice.

Don Cheadle has been active in our world on a variety of issues such as the Lazarus Effect, red pills that some media reports claim to help those who are suffering from AIDs in Africa live longer.  Notice in the following video, Cheadle, as well as other celebrities around the web, talk about the "Red" campaign.  I am always overly cautious about any heavy promotion of anything with star-power behind it.  Cheadle has also been outspoken in the past:  about issues in Darfur, voting, and the government's handling of certain political issues.  In the last video, as seen below, at a conference he shares his opinion somewhat, but carefully.  He isn't so straightforward like he was in his Tweet about the Trayvon Martin case.

It seems that because this actor has played in movies in the past that exposed issues in foreign countries and has a large international following, he is used as a mouthpiece to "make this world better for the people."  Nothing wrong with that; however, take your eyes off the star for a moment and what you will be left with is a question, "Who or what stands behind this man?"  Consider redirecting your focus from Cheadle to the rich and powerful groups of this world who decide what is important and what is not--at least for a time--follow the money trail.  Ask yourself, "What do these stars really want with me?"  I'll take the liberty to answer that, your money, time and mind to help them spread their affiliations' propaganda.  Will you be getting paid?  No.  Will you make a guest appearance on someone's show?  Most likely not.  Will they help you with your existing business?  It all depends.  What are your connections? 

When the latest tragedy, event, issue, campaign etc. fades to black, on to the next hot topic for the celebrity.  Every star knows he or she has to stay relevant and useful even if these things aren't the first things on his or her mind, they are important, because bills have to get paid and guilty feelings have to be put at ease if he or she has done some strange things in the entertainment idustry in the past that this person may not want to get out.  This isn't to say Cheadle has done any of these things, but there are many, many entertainers who have.  The witnesses from servers to maintenance men at celebrity functions, homes and elsewhere have anonmously reported many things in mainstream media.  But I digress...

Compare Cheadle's rogue tweets with the videos below.  Do you see the difference? Cheadle does what many stars do, he uses his platform to share a message.  When the celebrity is on camera, in a controlled atmosphere, he is less likely to come off wrong, say things he later regrets, and most likely someone watching he or she during an interview can flag him or her not to say that, wrap it up, hold your hand this way, look that way, etc. 

When the star is off camera, with no managers, public relations people, and others, they aren't always prepped or told what to do and say and this is where they can get themselves into trouble.  If a star stops loving money and goods so much, undo his or her brainwashing of needing a lavish lifestyle that is far more than enough, he or she wouldn't have to worry over whether saying or doing the wrong thing might lead to a career suicide. 

Sooner or later, one will reach a crossroads in the pursuit of truth that will look something like this in one's conscience mind, "Do this and say that to free the people knowing full well what the consequences will be? Or say that and do that just enough to win friends on both sides while still getting a paycheck?" Hmm.

Notice how much power a person, who plays other characters, receives from the public.  Did you see how he can use his platform "to apply pressure" on certain political figures to bring attention to a matter that truly has nothing to do with the masses?  But because many love his movies and has listened to him in the past, they will respond, "Okay Don Cheadle, I will do what you say."  What is scary about this and other videos on this site is that, you have gullible people you probably know in your own circles that you have tried repeatedly to get them to do certain things like pay attention to your family, teach your children,  exercise, eat healthy, etc. but if a celebrity, who doesn't know anything about them, came into their homes and told them, "You need to...You should...Why don't you...?" you know they would listen at least for a time.  Money and power go hand and hand and it can be used to get the so-called elect of our society to do things they wouldn't ordinarily do.  Use your own money, power and platform wisely, you never know who is watching and listening.

Speak Out About What You Do in Your Private Time Expect Backlash

It doesn't matter whether a person is affiliated with a religion, grew up with a racist or marched with sexist relatives to further divide the sexes, or simply doesn't like people, if you expose yourself to those who already have personal issues with "your kind" then don't get angry, plot revenge, or act shocked.  You told people what you are, what you do, or what you like and now you have put yourself out there to be accepted or rejected.

I personally find it useless and silly to keep berating people about what one likes or doesn't like.  Simply state how you feel and if their are those who are in support, so be it, but if not, we move on.  However, some groups want to shove personal preference down our throats as if it is the gospel of Jesus Christ, and that somehow if we just believe all might be saved from the gay man's wrath, the feminist's rage, and everyone else in between who would like to cast revenge on those who don't go along just to get along.

CNN anchor, Don Lemon, a respected black man in many circles, added the title gay to his profile and it didn't cause people to want to stop watching him, but it did get many to start thinking.  Now I don't mention him, because I want to devote a piece to homosexuals; rather, I would like to share the comment he made about Jonah Hill being "a tool."  On November 9, 2012, US Weekly reported the following, "The 46-year-old TV journalist got into a Twitter war with the 21 Jump Street actor Nov. 8. "Said hi to Jonah in a hotel," Lemon wrote.  "Think he thought I was a bellman. Didn't know his name til the bellman told me. A lesson to always be kind."  Lemon later  that Hill, 28, 'was a tool.'"

Now in the past, I referenced Lemon's statement on another blog, because I was making a point about how actors are used in the entertainment industry like tools to promote a select club's agenda.  But I am going to take it one step further based on Lemon's comment and how it relates to his sexuality. 

When Lemon came out, you know he wasn't well-received by all.  So it would make sense for those not in agreement with his open lifestyle to start using fellow actors to ignore, ridicule, or do other things to make the person feel so bad about what he or she has done that eventually they will self-sabotage. (That's right I said "actors" because journalists are just like entertainers in mainstream media too--used to stimulate, sway, and get the masses to "like" and "be a fan,")

Anyone, man, woman or child, who lives in such a way that goes against the norm, so to speak, will eventually feel the pain of the majority.  As much as groups work hard to get others to accept them, as long as we live in a world with opinion, critical thinking skills, religion, rights, laws, personal experience, morals, and free speech, people will think the way they want no matter how many incentives, promises, schemes, lies, or tricks a group uses to get the public to accept whatever whenever.

Personal preference is always a personal decision and if you invite others into your world, expect backlash.  If a righteous man will be criticized for doing the right thing, what do you think might happen to any one of us for speaking truth about any and all things whether right or wrong?

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Just When You Were Sold on the Cop-Killer Story...

With no substantial proof, other than a manifesto (that anyone could have written) and some assorted items sent to a media organization known for telling lies, a whistleblower is labeled as a cop-killer.  No security cameras show him killing anyone.  The manifesto could not be authenticated by CNN before it was presented.  Then after two days of not seeing or hearing anything new about the suspect, since the release of the news story, a couple video tapes show up with this "Dorner" (whose name is similar to Drone), making a purchase and throwing some things away.  Then we see an ariel view of a burning cabin in Big Bear.  The excuse made about the lack of news coverage for a time was that they didn't want their investigation disrupted.
So what happened during those two days, really?  A news source that is well-known in Mexico reports that Dorner said, "It's not me!"  He also wanted his mother to know he was okay.  Did the American authorities call the ignorant Dorner back to town to make a few appearances on camera to validate this false story only to kill him later?  Was the ex-cop nothing more than a face used to promote some major changes? 
Dorner was supposedly the first human tracked with spy drones.  Was this situation used to present the use of the spy drones to the already brainwashed public who believed Dorner killed the cops?  Do you still believe that this man killed anyone? 
Interesting the following story never saw the light of day in the states.  Also, it would make sense why Mexico came up in the media, not because Dorner took off to go there, but maybe he was already there and caught wind possibly of the plot to implicate him, hmm.  The Mark Furhman reference seems false, considering the bad reputation that man has, but then again if you want to look like you put your bias racial views behind you, then why not partner with a black man?  But those who already believe one false story will most likely discredit any that might have some truth in them.

How soon you forget, there were similar situations in the most recent past of the lone gunman taking anti-depressants.   You might remember the computer programmer, John McAfee founder of McAfee anti-virus software, who was running for his life too, accused of killing his neighbors. The story faded to black.

Monday, February 11, 2013

A Deliberate Dumbing Down Of A Population

When a group or individual tries to get the truth out about your health, so-called experts rise up  and discredit the whistleblowers, distractions are created, and even your own doctor or dentist will say, "There is nothing's okay."  The following are videos to enlighten about some issues that you may have never thought too much about because they most likely didn't make the front page of your major search engines or showed up on television evening news. 

Scientist Who Spoke Out on Fluoride Ordered Reinstated to Job  (This article was printed back in 1994)  Have you heard scientists losing their job since then for revealing information about  fluoride?

More dumbing down tactics....

"Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt is an American freelance writer and whistleblower who served as a Senior Policy Advisor in the Office of Educational Research and Improvement, U.S. Department of Education" - Wikipedia.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Child Stars Talking About Personal Experiences with Sexual Abuse

Todd Bridges warned many about pedophilia in Hollywood, yet parents desperate for money insist on making their children the next superstar.  We see the slow decline of many young people entering the industry.  They start their careers appearing very innocent, but before long their handler's are giving them drugs, alcohol and even providing them with sex.  From the acting couch to the football locker room, more than likely a child or young adult is being abused right now and the parent doesn't even bother to investigate for fear of losing money, clout, opportunity, etc.

In both of these interviews, it is clear to see how childhood abuse affects one's personality in such a way that he or she is very angry, hides behind mask, or downplays events as if they aren't so bad.  Unfortunately, Corey Haim died in 2010, two years after the A&E reality show, The Two Coreys, ended.  According to Wikipedia, cause of death pneumonia.  At one point Feldman was going to state names of his abusers, but since then has shared nothing.

Sage Moonblood Stallone Was On His Way to the Top But Then...

Sometimes when you read about celebrities, you notice some odd things.  You know that media will not explore certain topics, because they are controlled by editors, and the editors are controlled by owners, and so on.  So pressing questions never get answered. 

When I stumbled upon Sage Moonblood Stallone's tragedy, I saw that some things didn't quite look right.  Here was a son of a successful and well-known Hollywood A-lister, Sylvester Stallone, up and coming and suddenly deceased.  On many news media outlets, it was reported that Sage didn't use drugs.  So if anyone or group implied such, the family was making sure he would not be remembered that way.

Sage produced a short film in 2006, entitled Vic. The movie description is quite simple, an award-winning actor down on his luck after years of not working as an actor is contacted to appear in a film.  In one scene, the has-been actor (something no one who has been out of the industry for a long time wants to be called) is offended that he is asked to come down to read for the director.  He is insulted by this request, because for someone who has already proven his ability for over 30 years, why does he have to come in for a reading?  Just a movie, huh? 

So with this information, I couldn't help, but see how revealing it is.  Sage may have been sharing a tad bit of his dad's personal life in that movie--who knows?  As we all know, Stallone was seen by the public as Rocky and he had a tough guy image that he couldn't get away from even if he tried.  People respected him like they would a boxer even though he didn't professionally box--remember that boxing contest show that he had with Sugar Ray Leonard?  Many years had gone by for Stallone without him starring in those block-buster kind of movies.  Stallone had to make his return. 

Now it is 2013, and Sage's father is back in the spotlight.

Sage had appeared in films with his dad in the past.  He didn't hesitate to share with People magazine as a child back in 1986 about wanting to be with his dad.  He expressed real emotions in a tear-jerking scene in Rocky V where he played Rocky Balboa's son crying out to his dad.  He desired his attention and wanted him to be in his life.  In reality, after 11 years of marriage, Sage's mother and father had divorced.

Sage Moonblood Stallone died on July 13, 2012 at age 36.  His dad was promoting a film at that time.  Weeks prior to his death, family hadn't heard from him so the media reports.  However, Sage's Facebook account showed that 17 hours prior to his body being discovered he had uploaded photos to his social networking page.  When paramedics arrived at Sage's residence, the room where his body was found, was littered with trash and reeked of bad odors, according to the same report. 

Rumors had circulated that Sage had committed suicide, but were quickly dispelled because stories like the following showed he had planned to marry.  See here: Sage Stallone Prior to Death Was Set to Wed

Sage was a man who once was a small boy who wanted his dad's attention like any other child of a dad who works alot.  He most likely wanted to marry, have children of his own, and give them what he couldn't get.  However, as we all know, that no matter what a parent does, if a son or daughter is still angry with mom and dad, he or she may act rebellious and say and do things to defy authority, but commit suicide at 36--I doubt that, but then I don't personally know him either.  Keep in mind, he did put together a short film that could have offended a certain someone or group in the industry. 

As you should know by now, there are many moms and dads in the entertainment world who have taken oaths to be in clubs then when things go bad, they start talking.  Rebellious children can't say and do whatever they want, so the rules most likely apply to the families of these A-listers too.  Notice how many children of entertainers rarely come out and say one bad word about mom or dad and they won't even go so far as to badmouth them just a little in public either.  But if they tried, well a handler could just put them on legal or illegal drugs to quiet them, now couldn't they?

Note:  I could have included many film names in this article, but I refrained to do so because I am not going to advertise for them in this work.  Two mentions are plenty.

Michael Jackson Exposed the Entertainment Industry Game and the End Result...

No matter what an artist does to face, hair, body, and anything else on one's body to try to fit in,  underneath it all, he or she is still whatever the racist, ignorant, or crazy believe him or her to be-- inferior.  
Although many loved Michael Jackson's performance, he was still a singing and dancing black man (and I say that nicely because there are those who referred to him and his family early in their careers with a harsh name) selected to entertain the masses and spread whatever message they wanted him to send. 
When MJ got tired of playing their game, he awoke and when he did, he started trying to wake others up too.  The more he talked, it seemed the closer to death he got.  First a slow death of his reputation which led to a death of his career which ultimately led to an end of his life.

It's a Big Club and You Ain't In It - Carlin Died

Since this recording, did you notice the signs that have gone up here and there with the words, "Obey" on them.  Have you bothered to look at the club's handsigns being displayed on the wealthiest hands in our society?  No, my friend, you nor I are in the Big Club.  Many researchers have determined that America is being run by foreigners.  Do your research!  This is why Carlin repeatedly said, "They don't give a ....about you!"  Michael Jackson warned you too, "They don't care about us."  But you don't listen.  Working long hours for someone or group you don't know is more important than giving the best of who you are spiritually to your family.  We all need to get our priorities straight!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Rappers Speaking Out to Awaken People Cost Them Their Lives

Are you willing to be a martyr for telling people the truth--any truth--about a group or individual controlling your creative flow to fulfill one's sinister deeds? 

Created scripts of wars that really aren't ongoing in the rap game.  Discrediting those who expose the truth so that one might continue to make millions.  These things and more go on in the entertainment world.  Although some of these rappers appear ignorant and don't speak well, they are speaking truth in the midst of lies.  They want to be heard.  But who will take one seriously from the projects with gold-teeth in his or her mouth and can barely pronounce words? 

The elitists know what they are doing.  Taking advantage of the poor and uneducated to promote their twisted doctrines.  Didn't the Holy Bible warn us of false prophets?  For some from "the hood," the rapper is their prophet.  It's time for many rapper prophets to come clean.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Blogger Nicholl McGuire Shares Eye-Opening Information at Hub Pages

For some of you readers, you may have heard of Hub Pages.  A site that is similar to blogger that provides many readers with personal commentary about all sorts of subject matter.  They Lie Wait Blogger and Author of Know Your Enemy: The Christian's Critic, Nicholl McGuire shares her personal perspective, provides resources and more about the entertainment industry here.
Also, listen to McGuire's audio from a spiritual point of view too on YouTube.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Navy Seal Sniper Dies Almost a Year Later after Book Release

Navy Seal sniper went from marketing his book to talking about gun violence.  He already took a risk writing the book about his military experience then he used his platform to influence the public on a touchy subject. RIP Chris Kyle.

Look up Chris Kyle on Gun Violence or watch video here.

Navy SEAL Sniper Chris Kyle Tells O'Reilly: I Decked Jesse Ventura

Jesse Ventura Responds - Navy Seal Punch ( FULL INTERVIEW )

Did Deceased Prop Manager from Dark Knight Rises Alert Us to Trouble?

Sometimes telling or directing one to truth will cost you.  Was this the case with Scott Getizinger?  Would he had caved into the pressure of the public questioning why the name Sandy Hook was placed on a map and why a scene drew our attention to it?  

What about his wife, was she too a target?  Did someone take revenge on his wife for speaking up about educational issues?


Look up Susan McGuinness Getzinger Speaks At October 4, 2011 Newtown BOE Meeting or click the following link.


Did The ‘Dead’ Property Manager From “Dark Night Rises” Place “Sandy Hook” On The Map In The Batman Movie?

Sandy Hook Massacre Coincidence #99: ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Prop Master Scott Getzinger Died in April 2012 Car Accident From “Non-Life Threatening” Injuries

Katt Williams and other Comedians Share Some Hollywood Secrets...

Do you really think that Katt Williams recent troubles don't seem to be manufactured?  Why would he risk his career by going out into the public high on drugs picking fights with people?  Does he have someone in his inner circle that can't be trusted who plays on his weaknesses?  Could someone or a group be offended by the things that he has said in the past and is determined to tear him down?

Professor Griff spoke about Katt Williams back in 2010 about him speaking too much truth.

Think Martin in decades pass, Chris Rock and Dave Chapelle, hmm.  They too were outspoken and seemed to fade out of mainstream comedy for a long time to pursue other projects, hmm. The following video is not edited as much as the previous one.  The bold and brash Katt Williams reveals more truths about Hollywood and the people who work in entertainment. 
Dave Chappelle talking about Martin having a stroke many years back.  He also mentions the incident about Martin screaming saying, "They are trying to kill me" during his meltdown.  He shares some information leading up to Africa--read between the lines.
The following is an article about Martin's meltdown--very similar to what is currently happening to Katt Williams.

Mental Meltdowns,,20122118,00.html

This is a 2003 video where Chris Rock makes fun of celebrities.

Chris Rock has a problem with a Tea Party member's comments

Eddie Griffin Uses His Platform to Speak Truth about One Famous Leader

Eddie Griffin presents some entertaining, yet interesting insight (if you can close your ears to the cursing) about some things you may have wanted to say, but didn't because you rather not get into any debates with relatives and friends.  Take a listen.  However, notice he displays the owl sign during his skit, it is sometimes referred to as a devil hand sign too.  Unfortunately, you can't trust everything you hear. He must have gotten the pass to say some things.

Former worker of Bohemian Grove speaks out about the club and its members

After working at the Bohemian Grove establishment for 11 years, the woman in the video opens up about some activities at the grove. When you support some corrupt things for that almighty dollar, your conscious begins to catch up to you.  Before long, you start telling some secrets.  Watch the video.  The speaker doesn't tell-all.  Instead, she just confirms some things most researchers already knew about Bohemian Grove.

Alex Jones on gay rituals of Bohemian Grove

More on Bohemian Grove: Dark Secrets

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