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Friday, December 19, 2014

Hollywood Satanic Slaves III Exposed

The Satanic Pedophiles Of Hollywood & Their Corruption Of Children

Former U.S. Marine, Iraq War Veteran Shares His Story, Throws Medals

Military programming can work for or against the one doing the programming.  When one has witnessed far too many of his fellow brothers in an organization die, you never know what one might do.  It is obvious that this individual broke his programming, oaths and more to be free of the mind that tortures him of all the wrong he has done.  Speaking truth can be liberating when one reaches the point of no return.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Katt Williams Speaks Truth, 2014

Comedians have one of the strongest platforms to tell secrets, to anger so-called the wrong people, and more.  Katt Williams for years has exposed the happenings in our society and he has suffered much as a result.  Ironically, this year, another Williams, Robin Williams, had his share of issues, but dies.  Some critics say he was murdered.  In recent years, comedians have been a target for things they said (old and new) i.e. Joan Rivers.  Stay tuned.

Anti-Christ So-Called Christian Musicians, Actors, and Others

Friday, December 12, 2014

Satan Has No Love for the Rich

Satan Has No Love for the Rich - a bold poem that illustrates the fate of soul-selling devil worshipers.  Think before you pray, "God, make me rich." Enjoy.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

She told you the truth about her alter...Pop Music Poetry - Nicki Minaj • Anaconda

Take away the hip hop beats and what do you get?  A woman who talks about her behind, sex with men, and pill popping.  Over a million copies of her album sold and rarely does anyone think just how influential one person can be.  Be it right or wrong, you reap what you sow in this world.

Celebrity Poet, Toni Payne doing a Spoken Word Poetry piece at WORD UP V...

Thursday, November 13, 2014

In Case You Missed an Old Wendy Show - Solange Speaks Out!

Solange may have learned a lot since watching her sister's relationship dramas over the years.  All the best to her marriage.

Friday, November 7, 2014

On Breaking the Silence - Celebrities and Keeping Quiet

Every celebrity that is presented to you in mainstream media have secret orders they must follow.  If there was no structure put in place, anyone who stood before an audience would say and do what they wanted.  With that said, there is a time to speak for the celebrity and a time not to.  When a code of silence is broken about an issue related to the celebrity or his or her affiliates, words are carefully selected so as not to do the following:  offend, reveal important information, or cause any further harm.

The public who sits back allowing every word, mannerism, and gesture of the celebrity to penetrate their emotions will usually believe what they see and hear.  Rarely, do fans question or challenge a well-written script.  As for busy folks, they have too many other things to do to analyze the double-speak that goes on during celebrity interviews and news coverage.

Now if a celebrity would be so bold as to speak openly about an issue, without waiting for the greenlight from handlers or share secret knowledge about someone or something, then they run the risk of being publicly shamed.  They also miss out on profitable future opportunities.  In addition, individuals around them unexpectedly are fired, wounded or even murdered.  Like a child being disciplined by a parent, so to a celebrity with handlers.

In closing, if you should ever wonder why some celebrities won't use their platform to help others, know that unless it is an issue that one or a team approves or can monetarily benefit from, there is no reason to jump on the bandwagon and talk about it.

Nicholl McGuire 

Monday, November 3, 2014

A Circle The Celebrity Can't Escape without Recourse

Years of working in the entertainment industry, a well-renown celebrity begins to explore other areas of work.  Yet, his or her team is unsupportive, bitter, and even resentful.  "The nerve of some people...after all I did for him, and he wants out!"  Some celebrities don't disconnect from their circles of influence without a fight.  From missing out on opportunities to the death of loved ones, things happen and no mainstream media outlet really knows the truth but the celebrity trying to escape and his or her handlers.

It is very disappointing to hear of stories of powerful people looking to do some things differently in their lives that better humanity rather than continue to break them down, be ridiculed, ignored, and treated terribly just because someone's pockets are going to be a little bit lighter. 

Celebrities work hard for their owners and when they attempt to break free, there is always someone or some group to try to persuade them to stay.  "Please don't will be so great for this...I wish you would reconsider.  What do you need?  What can we do for you to get you to stay?"  Some entertainers simply want to break up peacefully with their employers.  But there are those who won't let go without picking a fight first.  From stalking to making up false stories that keep a celebrity holding on to the hand of his or her master, there is no walking away that easily.

The public should keep this in mind before believing everything you read.  You just might want to think about one or a few folks in your past who didn't let you go so easily when you wanted to break up with them.  People lose their minds when their home, finances, children, and more are being used against them.  Some will even go so far as to do some things out of character just to get a monkey or two off their back.

When you begin to notice a decline of work for an A-list celebrity, followed by various illnesses including an unexpected pregnancy, visits to a rehab facility, relationship break ups, public meltdowns, relocation out of the states, and more, think for a moment.  Is the person trying to steal a break from the watchful eyes of the public, make a career change, get out of a contract/project, etc.  Whatever the case, they have good reason to do so.  Keep them in your prayers.

Nicholl McGuire   

Friday, September 12, 2014

Ray Rice Knocked Out Fiancee - FULL VIDEO

Let's be honest, you see him standing by the pole waiting for her and when she passes he moves his head as if he is spitting. You can see from the video she put her hands on him first before they went into the elevator. From that scene, you can tell that she knew she messed up by the way she walks and looks behind her.  By the time she gets in the elevator, he looks as if he spits again, because she blinks, she is in fighting mode at this point. She then puts her hands up again, he is close to her making her feel threatened. Then you see her charging him, but she is no match for him.  He stops her by hitting her like a guy.  This wasn't the first time from the looks of things and it won't be the last unless the pair get some help. 

Keep in mind, if any woman or man feels strong enough to beat the other down, then consider this, that person will fight back--be it right or wrong.  In time, as more and more scenes like this are caught on video, it will be hard for women to cry abuse when they are fighting a man too.  Lucky for her, she wasn't representing any business that could stop working with her as a result or sitting behind bars because she hit him too.

Many athletes play rough, love violence, and have a temper.  Celebrity means nothing when a man or woman's heart is filled with pain.  It's unfortunate but situations like this can break up families.

Nicholl McGuire author of Laboring to Love an Abusive Mate and Laboring to Love Myself, 

A LOOK BACK:  In February 2014, Ray Rice and fiancĂ© got arrested because of a physical altercation.


If a Celebrity Went Rogue...Said What God Wanted Him, Her to Say

What if one day a major entertainer decided to break away from the herd, live apart from the precepts, regulations, oaths, and material wealth and speak truth?  Well you know what would happen. 

1.  One's career would either catapult with fans or plummett with the establishment.
2.  They would lose any current contracts, start up new ones, or  miss out on future deals.
3.  A death in the family might occur.
4.  Hypnosis treatments.
5.  Persuaded to take legal or illegal drugs for issues imagined or otherwise.
6.  Unexplained illness, attack, accident, suicide, etc.
7. Scripted trouble with the law.

Oh there is more, but depending on what the celebrity said, who might be affected and other factors to consider the rogue celebrity is going to be backed up against the wall wishing he or she never said or did whatever they thought was best for humanity.

There is no significant time to listen to any celebrity because even when they are not favored by anyone--no script, no glam, no nothing--they could still be used like a pawn to deceive the masses while wearing shades, covering an eye or staring off into space!  Handlers will ensure that words are said in whatever believable way they can say them.

I think of the many celebrities who actually made a positive impact on society early on in their careers, speaking positive things and encouraging others, but when careers started spiraling downward or messages became too strong, it is off with the good girl, good boy image and on to the bad one.

I hope some realize, especially those who have spiritual backgrounds who use to say, "Lord, Lord..." know that there is a God who wants them to get back on track and speak the messages that He has called them to speak.

Nicholl McGuire 

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Musicians, Poets, Rappers, Artists, Filmmakers Punished for Speaking their Truth

Most artists allow their true personal feelings, experiences, and other emotional responses to periodically leak out in their art form, but not without consequence.  Notice I said, "true" feelings.  Many A-listers are typically suppressed--unable to say or express what they really want.  They sign contracts and are expected to perform actions based on what superiors advise.  Therefore, they are powerless while being convinced that they have power.

The general public has more freedom to be who they are, to go where they want, and to express their concerns, but not those individuals with much money living behind hedge houses or sleeping in hotels from city to city or country to country due to tours.  If they should get the courage to say or do something that is impactful to society, so much in fact, that the people rally for change, the artist is punished sometimes with death or in other ways.  Their addictions are exposed and are encouraged so that one's mind slowly dies while the body follows. 

Various mind treatments are used to program what owners want while deprogramming is used to systematically remove the artist's God-given abilities.  If the intention of one's Creator was to use talents to free a people in bondage or to overthrow one's Master/government leader(s) organization's founder, etc. by the time man's potions, pills, and treatments take hold, there is nothing left but a robot.

Don't believe every media story about an artists' downfall from gun charges to tax evasion, truth be told their was a puppet master who orchestrated the whole event to control one's puppet strings.

Nicholl McGuire

Friday, August 1, 2014

Celebrities Need to Know Their Place

Far too much power has been given to men who play with balls, women who strut on red carpeted floors, and everyone else in between who love to sit in front of cameras and run their fraternal mouths!  Why must a reporter give the time of day to an entertainer's manufactured opinion on everything from politics to national issues?  Do we really care about what a singer, dancer, ball-player, actress, or any other entertainer feels about something that is irrelevant to his or her craft?  Well, when it comes to attention-getting ways to draw a star-struck public into a news story, the entertainer is called while money is counted by the owners of that media entity.

It is best for one's reputation to remain quiet about major issues unless the celebrity knows that his or her opinion will impact the world in the most positive way--mind you free of others' input.  Yet, if the statement doesn't make money for the masters and isn't scripted by them, then it is buried under thousands of useless pieces of information.  "Now what did XYZ entertainer say again?"  Truth never sticks around for long.

Celebrities need to know their place if they aren't going to say and do what is morally and ethically right!  Some are so brain-washed into thinking that anything they say or do is helpful to someone somewhere, when in fact, much of what they don't do and don't say is hurting the public.  Many of these so-called A-listers don't want to put anything on the line, but their behinds when it comes to helping themselves and someone else.

If one's place is in the bedroom, on the court, field, talk show, or studio, then stay there, just remember you are responsible, not just for what you do, but what you don't do to uplift humanity!  If one achieves fame because of downright evil measures then it isn't any wonder why one's mind goes mad and almost anything flies out of that person's mouth.  But all I ask, is that celebrities who live unrighteous, don't take society with you to a mental and physical hell, because of your fears and tears!

The best advice I can give to a young, discerning populace who listens to celebrities, is think before you react, stop giving them your money, visiting their sites, inviting them to events that have nothing to do with them in the hopes that they will finance your cause, and avoid mentioning their names both on and offline, in time those who need to fade back into their proper place will while those who have earned their right to speak about matters relevant to what they do will begin to take the front line.  Intelligent young minds question what they see and hear! 

Start supporting those who work diligently on the homefront to get the truth out!

Nicholl McGuire


Sunday, May 4, 2014

9/11 Truth: Hollywood Speaks Out (Re-Mastered)

When you are a Hollywood celebrity, like these featured in this documentary, you are not permitted to ask questions--the kind that can threaten those in your circle who manage your career.  Notice that the more celebrities use their platform to promote agendas--especially truth-telling ones--the more likely they will be a target for all sorts of mayhem.  Some of which include: peer pressure to drink, use drugs, attend wild parties (where a celebrity's morally offensive behavior is recorded then later used against him or her), stalked, threatened, a loved one murdered, etc.

Celebrity superiors/owners don't want the masses to know the truth about anything (particularly government related) unless the exposure of information benefits them in some way i.e.) more products sold, name recognition, status, etc.  The celebrity is used, like a pawn in a game, to deliver only what his or her handlers want you to know. 

Never believe you are getting the whole truth and nothing but the truth from someone in mainstream media or a has-been celebrity--it doesn't matter if he or she is an actor, musician, politician, educator, lawyer, dancer, or a one-hit wonder.  Oftentimes, those old names, that were once popular names, resurface when there is a temporary job to do--usually to distract the masses, sway public opinion, or fatten someone or some group's bank account, then they quietly fade out again until the next opportunity.

Nicholl McGuire

Saturday, March 29, 2014

News Is Really Not News

Look back at last year's news and compare it with this years.  Notice the month, season, and time some of the major news stories made top news.  Check for patterns.  You will find that many so-called important world news events are mere distractions from major news happening right under your nose.

What some might call newsworthy, others will say, "Not so."  You will find that the important news events are often at the bottom of a website in small lettering.  Celebrity news is usually somewhere at the top or near the middle of the page.  Some news that feels as if the government is pushing you to do something will be along the top right, top left and sometimes in the center depending on the style of the website. 

To find real news that matters, you will have to do a bit of research each day and conduct a specific search of the stories that matter the most to you.  Don't rely on your local media to share with you all relevant stories.  Much of what they report about deals with people who you don't know and have little, if anything, to do with your community.  Focus on the news that affects your way of life.  Watch for changes in local, national and international laws.  Listen for news that talks about finances.  Find out what local government, national and international governments are doing when it comes to citizenship, taxes, trade, stocks, commerce, and other things that just might make life radically different for you and those you love. 

Celebrity news, sports, murders, and suicides are not nearly important as you might think.  One day you will awake to find that grocery and department stores, utilities, gas, money, jobs, technology and more will look a lot different, don't be one of those individuals who has been sleeping the whole time.  Stay on top of the news that matters!

Nicholl McGuire

Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Movies Speak Out When The Celebrities Don't

When watching a movie with an actress in it who says a powerful line, then in another movie she says a similar line, and then again in another she says the line again, you have to wonder, "What is she trying to say?"  We must understand that the original intent of the person who wrote the book or screenplay of the movie is often changed to suit the sponsors of the movie.  We also must realize that screenwriters are not paid to create what they want, when they want it, but they are paid to accept whatever their investors tell them to add/change/delete from their scenes.  Those that follow instructions well are often paraded in front of the public more often than others.

Every now and then, some empowering message, insane elitist plan, or exposure of Hollywood secrets between stars slips through the cracks.  An actress, movie producer, and others will let a powerful message leak through.  Why?  To enlighten the public on some private things so that they will do something about them.  It is one of many ways to relieve the conscious mind for the troubled A-lister.  He or she doesn't always like what is happening in his or her industry so the truth is slowly fed to the public, and never all at once.  Otherwise, that would be considered career suicide.  Most famous celebrities don't want to lose their fame, money, and power, so they smile and say nothing about any hidden symbolism in a movie or phrases and actions worth further investigation.

Nicholl McGuire

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Former TV Talk Show Host Talks about Brainwashing

Former Charger Talks About Brain Injury After The NFL

For decades the health of the football players who are paid millions to entertain fans has been protected.  Millions of children across our land are encouraged to play a sport that isn't worth losing your mind over, literally!  Wake up.  Have you noticed how over the years more and more athletes are welcomed onto the field who are brown and black?  This wasn't always the case and decades past, individuals back then, didn't know what they know now. Think about it. 

Monday, February 3, 2014

What if Celebrities Got Together to Say, "The reason why XYZ performer is having difficulty is..."

We see the meltdowns.  The public notices when a performer, who was once so jovial and nice, has changed, not for the good, but for the bad.  And those who handle him or her know that some of us are watching too.  The celebritie's slow or sudden spiral down is marketed in a way that looks like he or she is mature now, a bad a**, or free-spirited and crazy.  But the reality is that something happened to that person behind closed doors.  Something that sent the young person's mind into a tailspin.  A rape, a hypnosis, a drug, a traumatic event, someone or something caused an explosion of sorts in one's mind and now all we see is a myriad of disturbed personalities.  The walking dead is almost dead and an ignorant public just looks for yet another entertainer to idolize.

We have an epidemic in the entertainment industry around the world.  Children and young adults marketed in a way that motivates the public to stand behind them when they are good.  But once trust is attained, they turn on us and become very dark.  Groups systematically program these individuals to appear god-like, mysterious.  They become used and abused puppets to manipulate the masses.  Whatever the agenda, whether political, religious, business, scientific--you name it, someone somewhere pulls out that beaten down puppet to verbalize, act out, speak, draw, write, produce, whatever for whoever while the majority of the populace feeds on what he or she wants to know not necessarily what he or she needs to know.

Sometimes programming works on the masses and the puppet involved and sometimes it doesn't.  Why would a group think that by taking over the mind of any performer who gave his or her life to Christ first would always and forever be the perfect mind controlled slave?  Some know full well that like a toy that doesn't work anymore after repeatedly being dropped, performers will simply stop working.  So before long, another takes his or her place, then another. 

Selfish, greedy, psychopaths scramble to market the next up and coming sensation while they set up the old to die.  From drugs to unexplained illnesses and accidents, the celebrity is no more.  The public may question for a time, "What really happened?  Who or what did this?"  Mainstream stories, lacking in details, are fed to the public by so-called reputable media sources and most take their word for it; therefore, the questioning stops and on to the next one.

But what if celebrities got together all at the same time, reversed programming, and shared what they know to be sincere, unadulterated truth!  There is strength in numbers.  What if all the big names just spoke the truth one day.  What if they said, "The reason why XYZ performer is having difficulty is...I know you were told about...but really the truth is...."  In the past, individuals spoke out alone with no trustworthy protection and were quietly put to sleep, but what if hundreds of powerful celebrities took to the Internet all at the same time or gathered somewhere all at the same time with their own agendas?  Someone speaks out about unfair business practices, another about secret groups and hazing, marketing tricks to deceive the public, the difficulty to get the music industry due to fraternal and generation ties, etc.  Celebrity unity in the community can be done, but not with slaves fighting each other.  Hopefully one day soon, the stubborn sleeping public who has been trained to believe that everything is a conspiracy, that yellow journalism newspapers always lie, and mainstream media is reputable will wake up!

Nicholl McGuire

Thursday, January 30, 2014

A Lot is Said When Nothing is Said

Quiet, a dead look, she doesn't seem to be much interested in what her husband has to say.  Her thoughts begin to show up on her face, notice a small scowl, she is obviously upset with him.  There is a lot said when nothing is said.  I think of the President wife as I write.  Be in prayer for them.

There is an enemy at work whenever life is looking quite nicely.  Someone is always hell-bent in seeing you suffer when they wish to have what you have.  Let's be honest, we don't like certain celebrities who flaunt their wealth, who act like the world owes them something.  It is obvious a man or woman is rich without he or she saying anything.  There is just something in one's demeanor that exudes "I am well-off!"  We get it!

Think of times in your life when you knew what someone or group's issues were without them having to say anything.  You observed the person or organization, you noticed strengths and weaknesses.  if we can use such a mindset in every aspect of our lives, we would treat what we see in media like a grain of salt.  Yet, a closed mind, one who is more concerned about an experience that titillates one's senses is going to miss all of the non-verbal clues.

Pay closer attention to the person not speaking during an interview, the one who isn't the main character, and others who aren't talking.  You might discover the truth.

Nicholl McGuire
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