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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Musicians, Poets, Rappers, Artists, Filmmakers Punished for Speaking their Truth

Most artists allow their true personal feelings, experiences, and other emotional responses to periodically leak out in their art form, but not without consequence.  Notice I said, "true" feelings.  Many A-listers are typically suppressed--unable to say or express what they really want.  They sign contracts and are expected to perform actions based on what superiors advise.  Therefore, they are powerless while being convinced that they have power.

The general public has more freedom to be who they are, to go where they want, and to express their concerns, but not those individuals with much money living behind hedge houses or sleeping in hotels from city to city or country to country due to tours.  If they should get the courage to say or do something that is impactful to society, so much in fact, that the people rally for change, the artist is punished sometimes with death or in other ways.  Their addictions are exposed and are encouraged so that one's mind slowly dies while the body follows. 

Various mind treatments are used to program what owners want while deprogramming is used to systematically remove the artist's God-given abilities.  If the intention of one's Creator was to use talents to free a people in bondage or to overthrow one's Master/government leader(s) organization's founder, etc. by the time man's potions, pills, and treatments take hold, there is nothing left but a robot.

Don't believe every media story about an artists' downfall from gun charges to tax evasion, truth be told their was a puppet master who orchestrated the whole event to control one's puppet strings.

Nicholl McGuire

Friday, August 1, 2014

Celebrities Need to Know Their Place

Far too much power has been given to men who play with balls, women who strut on red carpeted floors, and everyone else in between who love to sit in front of cameras and run their fraternal mouths!  Why must a reporter give the time of day to an entertainer's manufactured opinion on everything from politics to national issues?  Do we really care about what a singer, dancer, ball-player, actress, or any other entertainer feels about something that is irrelevant to his or her craft?  Well, when it comes to attention-getting ways to draw a star-struck public into a news story, the entertainer is called while money is counted by the owners of that media entity.

It is best for one's reputation to remain quiet about major issues unless the celebrity knows that his or her opinion will impact the world in the most positive way--mind you free of others' input.  Yet, if the statement doesn't make money for the masters and isn't scripted by them, then it is buried under thousands of useless pieces of information.  "Now what did XYZ entertainer say again?"  Truth never sticks around for long.

Celebrities need to know their place if they aren't going to say and do what is morally and ethically right!  Some are so brain-washed into thinking that anything they say or do is helpful to someone somewhere, when in fact, much of what they don't do and don't say is hurting the public.  Many of these so-called A-listers don't want to put anything on the line, but their behinds when it comes to helping themselves and someone else.

If one's place is in the bedroom, on the court, field, talk show, or studio, then stay there, just remember you are responsible, not just for what you do, but what you don't do to uplift humanity!  If one achieves fame because of downright evil measures then it isn't any wonder why one's mind goes mad and almost anything flies out of that person's mouth.  But all I ask, is that celebrities who live unrighteous, don't take society with you to a mental and physical hell, because of your fears and tears!

The best advice I can give to a young, discerning populace who listens to celebrities, is think before you react, stop giving them your money, visiting their sites, inviting them to events that have nothing to do with them in the hopes that they will finance your cause, and avoid mentioning their names both on and offline, in time those who need to fade back into their proper place will while those who have earned their right to speak about matters relevant to what they do will begin to take the front line.  Intelligent young minds question what they see and hear! 

Start supporting those who work diligently on the homefront to get the truth out!

Nicholl McGuire

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