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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Question Government Officials, You Might Go to Jail

What was disturbing about this video was the numerous people who sat on their behinds and did nothing!  A brainwashed public is more concerned about OBEYING then standing up for one's right to free speech.   Words stir people to think, to take action, and make needed changes.  But when one, who is protected by higher powers, doesn't like what you are saying, well then there are consequences to pay, right?  I think of the older child who is harshly disciplined by his or her parents in front of siblings.  The brothers and sisters don't make a move.  They fear what might happen if they do.  Lesson taught, lesson learned.  An audience who just might have agreed with what the college student was saying, but fear kept them bound.  So around the world a video like this is watched, and the fearful will urge others, "Keep quiet or else...don't speak out or else...don't make a scene or else..." 

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Why Joe Odom Spoke Out Against The Kardashians

The Joe Odom rebuttal on criticism about him is a good example of why many celebrity families keep their mouths shut, digress from interview questions, or always have something positive to say even when attacked.  It was apparent that Odom's aging father slipped with his negative retort--he wasn't slow to respond; therefore he had to backtrack on what he said about his son's in-laws--even if there was some truth in it.  In the end, Joe Odom would not be considered a credible source if any mainstream media outlet should want to interview him.  However, the opposite might be true.  Celebrity family members are paid well to keep quiet.  Some vanish, die, sit quietly in a 'hood, are escorted out the country, publically reprimanded in a variety of ways that include shame, sign confidentiality agreements, and more so that they don't tell or keep sharing family business which might impact another's income source(s).  There is more to being in front of the public than meets the eye.  

Monday, November 25, 2013

Mind Control Technology (Emerging Churches?)

It's been ongoing for decades, a variety of programs used to control the church populace to do what church leadership has been ordered to say by their handlers without protesting ungodly behavior.  Bible lessons are twisted and certain scriptures are removed from Bibles.  Members are spiritually dumbed down so that they can't use their faith to change things in a dying world. 

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Blogging for Truth!

When I first started this blog my only intention was to shine the light on some people and groups in and out of the entertainment industry (whether influential or not) in the United States who whistleblow, expose lies and spread truth. 

Having been lied to about many things in my life, I started having an increase desire to want to find and keep truth near and dear to me since 2009.  Unlike media advertisements, junk mail, political puppets, silly talk and reality shows, and other meaningless information that has little, if anything to do with me, I threw the mess away and traded it for substance that might cause some to think about their lives and others a little differently.

So I sincerely hope you get the most out of this conversational piece, pass on information and challenge others to reconsider following after certain people and groups just because they have a certain status, klout level, Twitter following, YouTube pageviews, etc.  Seek truth in all it's forms not solely because of numbers, comments and reviews!

Have something to share? Send to:

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Poem: Do You Recall?

Do you recall what happened at the mall?
Did anyone see it all?

Do you recall when a leader took a fall?
Did you bother to make a phone call?

There are powers that be,
no average person can see.

Pull strings on people,
make up words like "sheeple."

Pay a man to think a certain way,
spread lies then pray.

People say they walk right,
truth comes, then they fight.

"Run away..." they say,
"Don't listen today."

Afraid of the light,
shiver in fright.

Don't want stories told,
even if they are decades old.

Why do you need to know that?
Just believe that it's fact.

What do you want with me?
That's not what you see.

From families to the people at top,
they sweep up, then they mop.

Clean up the dirt as fast as you can,
hide the truth or experience The Man.

Nicholl McGuire also maintains blog Spiritual Poems by Nicholl.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Mainstream Media News Exposed as Controlled TV Brainwashing Propaganda

And you thought that mainstream news was original from state-to-state!  Be sure you seek your own news rather than allow media to feed it to you.  Now think about how the celebrities are made popular, scripted news from places like the Associated Press and elsewhere being broadcasted from coast and coast.  If you know the right people and have a wealthy bank account, you just might be able to buy some news for yourself!  But be sure, it's newsworthy!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

House stenographer loses it during House vote, rants about God, Freemasons

See video and read about here:

Thursday, October 10, 2013

What is Your Truth?

Is there something you need to say?
You might want to do it soon, today.

Before someone tells,
before love fails.
Secrets will come in the mail,
demons create an earthly hell.

"It wasn't me," they all say--
act real innocent on a wedding day.
What isn't revealed is one likes to play,
fed by others about what to say.

Did you speak truth or hide a lie?
Will someone be hurt or possibly die?

Look for what is wrong,
when a story runs too long.

Never assume you know what's real,
never go on what you feel.

Deceptive people play many games,
attempt to make some go insane.

Be the one that stands out,
be the one who permits truth to shout!

Nicholl McGuire

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Why Soldiers are Really in Foreign Countries...Jesse Ventura Shares His Opinion

Notice how the host, Piers Morgan, is working hard to change the subject, start a new argument, confuse, and insult.  Know your facts, ask the challenging questions and stay on task don't let media get away with the type of things that Piers is pulling to sway public opinion and keep the brainwashing going.

Monday, September 9, 2013

The 12th Year of 911 Programming

I will propose to you that the events of September 11th, 2001 have been hijacked by mass media and used as a means of actualizing perpetual psychological trauma via cyclical programming designed to force people to relive the death, destruction, and carnage that took place on September 11th, 2001.
This reliving of the death and destruction of September 11th, 2001 is a form of trauma-based mind control and is clearly evident in mass media reports issued each year in and around the anniversary of September 11th, 2001. --Lenon Honor, the 911 Fear -Based Mind Control

Friday, September 6, 2013

Celebrity Deaths

Most of the deceased are 70 plus, very few are younger, but you might want to read their stories for further insight as to what caused their death, what issues they had prior to death and with who, and whether they were for or against their employers, associations, etc.

Dead or Alive

Celebrity Deaths and Obituaries

I also find it odd how some relatives die right around the time movies are being filmed and the death is used to hype up the movie that the A-list grieving actor or actress is playing in.  Sometimes I can't help at times, but to think if someone or a group helped the sick relative meet his or her maker sooner for business reasons.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Your Family Doesn't Want You Exposing Them

Family fear writers, singers, artists, and anyone else who creatively expresses truth.  They know sooner or later that free spirit within is going to want to share something about the family.  "Oh, my dear!  What on earth is she going to share about us now?" says the worried parent. 

Whether you are in business, at home caring for children, or working at the local park, someone somewhere knows something about you that isn't altogether nice.  Now does it mean that you are worthy of a front page news story? Absolutely not.  But most likely, you aren't the one that the truth-seeker, creative type wants, it's the liar, the strange, the weird, or the mysterious one that is more interesting in your family.

It doesn't pay to be that one who likes to hush everyone.  "Keep quiet," says the grandparent.  "I don't want it getting out about..."  That was his first mistake, he wanted everyone to shut up before one word was said. 

People with a shoddy, unrighteous past, work hard not to let certain information get out for fear of how they might be viewed.  But rather than worry over what someone might say or think, you should be grateful you even have a life worth talking about. 

Something I often see in media is a humiliated celebrity sharing more information about his or her self, in such a way that he or she looks honest, open, and cured from past indiscretions.  For instance, you learn that a celebrity has a terrible past, so you start talking about it to everyone you know.  The celebrity finds out and rather than come to you and your group and threaten you, he takes your information and uses it to benefit himself.  He says, "I know there has been talk about XYZ and I have been working hard to change my behavior.  I am seeing....and I am doing...and I hope that my fans still love me through it all!  Those that cast a stone on me are not without sin and shouldn't judge--God is my judge.  Maybe those people who have talked about me have some dark issues we don't know about--huh?  Instead of talking about, examine yourself."  Now who looks like the loser?

As much as we would like our business to be kept to ourselves and those who know about it, it just isn't going to stay tucked away in our minds forever.  Some information has to be told.  There are families who have committed acts that are unspeakable, and if these acts affect your future, the next generation, one's health, how you interact with others, and what might be still ongoing with other victims, it is time to sound the alarm on those hurtful things and get some resolve.

You will not be well-received or liked with all, your family may kick you out, and who knows what else might happen, but if peace is more important to you then popularity and favor--then go for it!  May God be with you!

Nicholl McGuire

Thursday, July 25, 2013

When Evil People Fear Exposure, They Create All Sorts of Distractions

You know the truth!  You are adamant in telling others what you saw, heard, and what you did and didn't do in a disturbing situation.  But the voices around you seek ways to distract you from saying or doing anything. 

"That's not what you saw..." says one.  "Nope, I didn't hear that," says another despite being presence when some messy things to place at work/school/church/home. 

The enemy, his assistants, and even your relatives and friends want you to stop talking--go away.  They even threaten you, share "what if" stories to scare you, or make you feel like you are going crazy, but you stand strong!  You start yelling about what you will do if they attack you and your family--bad move!  Do you know if you're being recorded? 

People who are up to no good will create chaos, they will lie, attack your reputation, bad mouth you to others, and more when you speak truth about ANYTHING!  From Bible verses to how someone really feels about another, it is only a matter of time that the truth will upset them that a friend will become a foe!

People who know you well will create the kind of distractions that you least expect to keep you from talking to certain people, attending meetings, making phone calls, traveling, and more where truth might be revealed.  From porn to parties, the person who doesn't want you speaking truth will even bribe you.  Sometimes unexpected gifts, offers, and trips are enough for most to keep quiet.

Avoid the temptation to be quiet on issues that you know you should be speaking up about!

The Perverted Disney Empire

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Lecrae - FAKIN Feat. Thi'sl (@lecrae @thisl @reachrecords)

So you think every rapper who wears a chain, gold in his or her mouth, and talks about a gun is real?  Many props and other things go into their music videos to make people, places and things appear real! Watch the video!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Your Children are Exposed to These People

Sooner or later little Jim and Mary are going to evolve into what they think is "cool" and "awesome."  Some think that entertainment is harmless, no cause for alarm, but the reality is there is something very wrong with one's son or daughter when he or she goes from right to left without notice.  A parent should be asking, "What happened?"  Chances are he or she was taken for a ride that most often had something to do with what is between his or her legs or someone else's.  What you might think is simply girls being girls and boys being boys has a lot to do with what immoral adults are manipulating their minds to think.  Music and television shows are more powerful than many think and the more they watch and listen, the more they want to emulate what they see. 

You Still Don't Believe that a Dark Force Lives and Breathes in this World?

Whether you believe in God or the devil or both, it doesn't matter.  Evil as well as good is at work.  There is a truth that you should believe and a truth that others want you to believe.  Discover the truth for yourself with every person, place or thing you encounter on your path toward death or life after your journey on this planet.  The choice is yours.

When You Become Successful "They" Will Put the Devil on You

If you have any spiritual background, you should know better.  But when money talks, an ignorant mindset will go along with just about anything.  If a group says, "What you see isn't what you see.  What you know isn't what you know..."  The money-hungry will say, "Okay, whatever you say, boss."

After watching a Rick Ross interview, I notice that when he spoke about the title of one of his works, "Freemason," I thought, he like the rest of those disinformation agents out there, has taken what critical thinking researchers have exposed and put his twist on it to sell more records, etc.  The same mind control maneuver that is used on many entertainers in those boardrooms, backrooms, and hidden rooms, they use on the public via music and call it "my idea, my work, my dream, my thought..." when in all actuality one was programmed to do what master wanted from the start--there was no "my" anything. 

The public is told with each song that comes out to belittle your mindset about secret societies, agendas, and more by the celebrity, "Forget what you heard, let me be the one to tell you the truth."  Fools, so star-struck will go along and defend the puppets.  "Well that rapper should know, I mean look at how long he has been in the entertainment industry...look at all his money," the offended fan says when truth is brought to him or her.  "I don't believe that illuminati stuff."  But the truth of the matter is, puppets don't know they are being manipulated. 

Many of the puppets whether in the public or on mainstream television have never met or sat down with the masterminds--the masters behind many of the hidden and not-so hidden groups here in America that own various entertainment conglomerates.  They have never got close enough to kiss their rings or their daughters or sons.  These black, white, Latino, Irish, Asian, and other entertainers are still not worthy to sit at the feet of their Masters.   

As I said before, the money-hungry, the ignorant, will do just about anything to keep getting a paycheck, including reverting back to an African slave mindset which includes and is not limited to an undying loyalty to Master.  Many black entertainers still are not very high on the pyramid even though it appears as if they are in powerful positions, simply because they "settle."  They settle lawsuits, they settle agreements, they settle in locations, they settle with partners they have little in common with, they settle with whatever "they" (those upstairs) says.  It doesn't matter whether one is a famous basketball player or talk show host, "I can't say that because...They told me if I do that, they would...Well my contract says I shouldn't go there..."  It isn't any wonder why many celebrities don't give back, certain groups don't want the rest of the crew to become successful too.  So what do they do?  Take one out of his or her faith and put the devil on them.  Think about the many songs that glorify selfishness, greed, sex, and more.  With so many messages like that, why would one ever think about empowering others outside of his or herself?  Be wise.

Nicholl McGuire

Sunday, May 5, 2013

7 Things to Help You Discern Media Hype

When watching television news, interviews, listening to radio or reading any mainstream newspaper or magazine, you should be viewing the material like a boss checking over his employees' self-evaluation report.  "I might agree, then again maybe not.  Where is the evidence that backs up why I should be giving this worker a raise?"  So what are you looking for?

1.  Coverups (or Memory Erasing)

So what are they trying to keep you from paying attention to yet again?  Is it the laws government wants to change?  An unnecessary war?  A murder?  A celebrity connection to some madness?  Shady business dealings?  What might the media reps be doing to get you to forget about what you heard or what you saw the other day coming from that rogue fraternal member who is now turning on his brothers and sisters?  Time to erase your memory. 

2.  Lies

Last week, month or year you were told one thing, but now it is something different.  Compare reports (if you can still find them).  Save material whether seen on or off the TV screen especially when a case involves you or a family member.  There are the lies that cover up lies, lies that are left unsaid, half-truths, and other types of lies.  All must be proven wrong. Lies become person when they affect your well-being or someone else's you care about.

3.  Exaggeration

The media will do it every time, exaggerate news stories!  What may appear to be a bad earthquake, storm, or something else "tragic, bad" or the worse one has seen in years is usually not as bad as you think.  Take the time to interview locals simply by making a phone call, visiting a person's blog or video page from that area and more before alerting everyone to how bad something is.  You don't want to be considered a puppet, a pawn or an agent in the game now do you?  Do your research!

4.  Bullying

Talk show hosts and similar shows where people like to yell, argue, joke, etc. will bully a guest who starts sharing truth that deviates from the planned order of events for the show.  They will give the honest guest a hard time because they don't want certain things about an A-list event, law, document, book, movie, government official, or a celebrity leaked out.  Therefore, these reporters will talk real loud, criticize, speak about something else, or even threaten just so that someone speaking truth will shut up.  Sometimes the guest is told to, "Shut up!" by the interviewer.  Don't fall for it!  Look up what the guest is alerting you to rather than getting caught up in the emotion and stay off those mainstream media sites that will only keep you brainwashed when seeking truth.  The bully (an emotional commentator/reporter/writer) often goes to work when protecting certain entertainers (ie. athletes).  You may have suspected some cheating going on at a national sporting event, but the media will distract you from not thinking too deeply (exercising your critical thinking skills) by putting their spin on things.  "Go back to sleep...we know you won't question anything--we know you are a fan--watch those commercials,enjoy the show!" they hope you won't raise a stink.  But if you do, they will get some talk show host to bully you on or offline with all your exposing.

5.  Symbolism

There is a coded language between members of elitist groups and if you think there isn't you are deceived!  Just like you have certain things you say at work that others may not understand outside of your job, so do those individuals who belong to powerful groups.  So there is a lot said when one holds his or her hand a certain way, poses or winks while the camera is rolling.  In addition, the wardrobe a person wears and the color makes a statement right along with the tattoo, earrings, necklace pendant, and more--they all mean something.  Your job is to find out what it means and why would this person be communicating such a message at this time and to whom?  Hold on to your wallet and your family.

6.  Connections

Everyone has them whether poor, rich, black, white, and so on, connections.  From civic groups to churches, someone is connected to a support system that may help you, but then again maybe not it all depends on your networth, service and namesake.  Anyone who is a major figure in the news didn't get there just because they could sing, dance, throw a ball around, etc. someone or group permitted them to grasp the pages of certain award-winning media because "My mom is an affiliate dad works for...I know..."  You will want to find out what is that person's affiliations and what might that person be used for that keeps being flashed before your eyes on the nightly news.  Maybe his or her story drives consumer spending up (mind you 70% of the U.S. economy is driven by consumers buying stuff).  Who knows, maybe that popular celebrity that keeps making Yahoo's top ten searches sways the masses to think a particular way, live in a specific area, or moves children to act rebellious toward parents who later grow weary of them and drop them off at a government owned organization, etc.  Whatever the purpose, you should be concerned particularly when your child or partner says things like, "I love that celebrity, I want to marry him...I think she is the best...I wish I could be her...Why don't we get that thing they have, honey it would make us so happy..."

7.  Purpose

Ask yourself with every major news story presented before your eyes, "What is the purpose?  Why do they want me to be concerned about strangers from XYZ county, who can't help me, and could care less about my family and I?"

Remember, from commercials to the music you repeatedly listen to everyday in your car, someone has something they want to say to you whether consciously or subconsciously.  How often you listen to them, your choice.  How much you will buy from them, your choice.  Where you go, your choice.  Who you support, your choice.  Don't let media hype box you into a corner that you can't get out of!

Nicholl McGuire

Author of Know Your Enemy: The Christian's Critic and other books.

Note:  Check out other links on this site.  The blog is new, so we are still growing.  Feel free to leave comments and suggestions.  Share, discuss and thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

G. Craige Lewis Shared Some Interesting Spiritual Insight about Superbowl Performance

If you missed an insightful blog entry by preacher and writer, G. Craig Lewis, then you might want to check out the link provided at the end of this blog post. 

Christians who think that there is nothing wrong with compromising their beliefs to support dark entertainers are only stirring God up.  Sooner or later the Creator is going to unleash his wrath, in other words, permit the devil to have his way on some individuals who have large platforms.  Don't be that one who wonders why some of the biggest entertainers fall hard one day.

Christian entertainers, as well as secular ones, have unholy connections.  They are expected to make appearances, show support, and more all in the name of masters who worship dark gods.  By doing these things, believers abandon biblical precepts and don't fear God.  They begin to act comfortable in their own "sin" and skin, and will not hesitate to defend their actions often negatively.  They will accuse those who do hold them accountable to godly standards of being jealous, hostile, etc.  Rather than permitting God's truth to set them free, they stay bound to money, fame, power, etc. 

One day these chart-topping entertainers' years of work will mean nothing, so I have heard in the Spirit, and they will feel miserable asking themselves, "Why did I sell out the gospel of Christ for this?"  Believers that walk on two sides of the fence are nothing more than a modern day Judas who thinks about committing suicide before he or she actually does it through over-eating, pill-popping, heavy drinking/partying and more.  They must confess wickedness before the Lord and repent while they still have time!

Check out the Superbowl 2013 commentary about "that blond female entertainer" who does all sorts of things to remain relevant to the masses, see here:  G. Craige

Thursday, April 25, 2013

When They Talk Too Much, They are Told to Change Their View

Oprah, Glenn Beck, Tom Joyner as well as many other talk show hosts in broadcasting and elsewhere in the media may initially have a great opinion about something--you know the kind of information that makes people think for a change, but then later on, as you follow the person more, you find out they have flip-flopped.

Changing one's view is okay in media just so long as the evidence backs up your new enlightened knowledge, so to speak.  But the truth of the matter is the big mouth is warned or even threatened to say whatever he better say and believe it while convincing others he believes it, just so long as he or she doesn't bring the public back to what was said last week, last month or last year. 

Many of these news organizations are given information from elite groups.  The so-called major news events do nothing more than distract reporters from what their critical thinking skills are telling them in the first place.  Rather than act on them, they allow themselves to be persuaded by owners so as to keep their jobs and name recognition. (And you thought that mainstream, award-winning journalists were unbiased and trustworthy--they are just good workers that do what they are told very well.) 

Consider this, you or I sit in front of television cameras or a radio station's microphone sharing what our gut instinct tells us along with some reports and interviews that are valid, indisputable, and definitely will get the public off their feet.  The public is buzzing after hearing this eye-opening information and all appears to be going well--people are thinking, questioning, researching, protesting, and even holding back their monies from certain businesses and groups that have lied to them.  But Uh oh!  Someone feels it is time to change the flow of things because an individual/business/group is being negatively affected by the protesting.  So what does the threatened do?  Give us some "breaking news" in a form of a press release, confidential file, email, audio recording, text, video, etc. in the hopes of changing our minds which will ultimately present a different angle to the initial impactful story.  "That should hold them for awhile."  says the threatened professional.

So when these unfortunate events take place in our media that draw huge crowds/readership/money, keep in mind that the reports following will be littered with distractions to keep you from finding out the truth.  Some big mouth radio hosts and others will even go so far to say something the conspiracy theorists would like to hear just to draw him or her into their programming, because they know that truth seekers are skeptical anyway.  Many researchers end up falling down the rabbit hole never coming up for air or truly helping anyone with their findings only further confusing them.  The public falls for the conspiracy angle in a news story every time!  Elitists know you are looking for the story beyond the story so they are going to give you something to chew--partial truth possibly or some wild distraction that will keep you angry, crying or laughing--black talk show hosts are good for that one. 

Lastly, know that those mouthpieces in broadcasting who do the following:  talk too much, bring out unsettling information, act like they are sincerely interested in finding out the truth and care about The People, etc. will change their view whenever they are told to by their owners.  Therefore, it is better not to follow these mainstream puppets too closely or you just might be one of the unenlightened ones used and abused in the end.

Nicholl McGuire is the author of Know Your Enemy: The Christian's Critic

Monday, April 8, 2013

Take an Oath, Break an Oath, Take an Oath, Break an Oath...Which Side of the Fence is He On?

Rick Warren is seen on CNN defending himself while going against biblical doctrine, according to many Christian viewers who watched the airing of the shows mentioned in the video.  Prior to the unfortunate death of his son, Christ followers questioned whether Warren was sincerely about God's business or in some other kind of business. 

It was only a matter of time that what those in power helped manufacture (a soft-spoken God-loving person--who didn't get his fame for nothing like many of these entertainers listed on this blog.) In addition, Warren-haters would attempt to try and try again to bring him down many times unsuccessfully.  But just like God, the devil works in mysterious ways too.  When these entertainers join these soul-selling industries and don't always do what they are told, strange things tend to happen that might boggle their minds just as much as the public witnessing said events, "But I thought I was favored...protected by the club--I thought I would get special favor!?"  the Chosen One of the day might argue with his superiors who have prepared his contracts, said something wrongly or did other things in an effort to go against the club's oaths and regulations. 

It has been said by researchers that Rick Warren is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations which has a history of lies, deception, occult connections, and more.  The group has their grip on many, many people in the entertainment industry, mainly those who make much money, including select individuals in various professional sports as well--they too are controlled--see a few names on this blog! 

Warren also has been tied to, now retired, Robert Schuller who is notorious for his controversial new age teachings and permitting secular entertainers to perform at his church for decades. 

During the month of April 2013, Warren loses his son, Matthew Warren. The timing was interesting when this death occurred.  His father had recently been interviewed and caught flip-flopping between fundamental Christian principles.  Issues, like homosexuality, are near and dear to the hearts of worldly, godless men and women who most likely helped Warren finance his "purpose driven" career.  Did the wayward leader follow the worldly scripts he was given by his associations--those that he took an oath to join or did he do his own thing nearing his son's death?  Was the pastor more concerned about doing the Father's will, if so, the God of the King James Bible doesn't play by any immoral scripts, oaths, etc.? 

Whether the forces at work in this pastor's life were supernatural or physical, something or someone drove his troubled son to take his life.  What might we all learn from this tragedy?  Besides keeping one's faith come hell or high water, be discerning!  Watch as well as pray.  Pay close attention to those individuals who claim to be "good friends" and care for your family.  Don't ever be so focused on one's own needs, desires, dreams, etc. that you can't see a mack truck coming your way!
What better way for Satan to rattle your faith with a devastating story such as this?  But the fact is that those who followed Rick Warren's Purpose Driven Life's public relations campaigns, just might feel that God has failed this man in some way--but don't go there!  Remember, the Messiah said, "They will hate you because of me."--this includes those who have wandered from the faith for more money, fame and power. 

If you follow Jesus or play with the devil or do both, no matter what you do, trouble will follow.  No one is immune from death.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Christian Rapper Offered Record Contract to Sing Secular

Soul-Selling Artists are about the Devil's Business

No matter how much someone talks about their background in religion and their love for God, to cover up the soul-selling that they already did, when you desire to have more fame, power, sex, material wealth or more, sooner or later you will sell your soul to the devil as long as the need is there.  Here are a few interviews for you to check out:

Nicole Scherzinger from Pussy Cat Dolls talks about soul-selling.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Ric Flair Interview that Might Have Caused a Stir with Some and Reid Flair Passing

In this interview, wrestler Ric Flair admits to being told to say things while in North Korea that would have created a media frenzy.  He spoke candidly about his North Korea visit and described it as "volatile."  He took this trip many years ago with boxer Muhammed Ali and shared his personal opinion about their government, he said, "They don't like us or the Japanese."  The Korean government told him how powerful they were and wanted him and Ali to go back and tell America "that they are there to be reckoned with."  He talked of someone trying to communicate with them about how the people were treated and then later their phones were shut off.  According to Flair, someone said the people there made $6 a week.  He added during the same visit, the Korean government wanted him to make a public statement that they could destroy America.  He didn't say it and spoke positively instead about his visit. 

This interview was dated on YouTube for March 8, 2013 and aired on the NBC Charlotte network.  On Good Friday, March 29, 2013, Flair's son is found dead in a hotel.  His son had wrestled in Japan, worked with his father prior to Ric's retirement, and most recently was due to go to Maryland. Read more about Reid Flair's passing here.

Read about North Korea entering "state of war" here.

Playing with Your Mind

If there was ever a time to pay close attention to the one true God, it is now!  With so much evil being promoted on and off electronic screens, you can't help but feel miserable most of the time.  So what to do?  Back off from all the PROGRAMMING! 

As much as we tell ourselves, "It's not's just entertainment...besides I'm bored."  The truth of the matter is we are permitting someone's opinion, idea, upbringing, or worse dark spirit to come into our minds and homes to do what?  CHANGE US!

The more you watch others do something (especially immoral activities,) the more you take whatever you feel is right, good, or beneficial and use what you see to suit your own needs.  For example, if I watch a show about how to cook a particular item, I am open to receiving whatever it is I need to learn in order to prepare that meal.  When I am sitting in a group and listening intently to a speaker week after week, I am permitting myself to take in whatever he or she says.  I'm sure you can come up with some more examples as they relate to being programmed.

We are motivated by all sorts of people and things to do or don't do something whether we have a moment to think about our actions or inactions or not.  Today, take sometime to ask yourself, "Why do I bother listening to someone or group daily/weekly/monthly?  Why do I make myself watch this or that?  What is it about this person/show/event/thing that makes me so loyal to him/her/it?"  I will tell you when you think like this the following will happen:

1.  Emails will be less, because you start ridding yourself from certain email lists.
2.  Contacts in your phone will decrease, because you realize you don't need or want to communicate with certain people and businesses anyway.
3.  Documents both on and off your computer will be discarded, because you find yourself wanting to get rid of things that don't serve a purpose in your life anymore.
4.  Social networking contacts and websites will be diminished, because you realize many of those people could care less about what you do and are not much of a help mentally, physically or spiritually.

So do take some time to pray, fast and reflect today on what you really want and what you really don't want to affect your mind, body and spirit.

God bless.

Nicholl McGuire is the author of various books including: When Mothers Cry, Laboring to Love Myself, Spiritual Poems by Nicholl and others.  Visit her YouTube channel: nmenterprise7 to get to know this author and mother of four.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Dr. Martin Luther King's Last Speech and Researcher Steve Cokely

Unless you purchase this profound, tear-jerking speech in its entirety or happen to see it somewhere online, Dr. Martin Luther King's last performance is always shown edited.  It is obvious that when he delivers this speech he is no longer concerned about what happens to him.  His mannerisms are not typical of his past speeches and neither is the look in his eyes, it is clear that he knows the risk he is taking by sharing his personal thoughts or possibly knowledge that was not approved prior to standing before this audience.  It has been said by researchers King was a part of Freemasonry.  The minister had become very powerful; therefore, one, who is connected, must follow the scripts/plans/precepts he has been given or else.  Back then, Freemasonry was much stricter than it is now.

Dr. Martin Luther King Last Speech I've Been to the Mountaintop

This has been edited but notice his criticism of American laws, media, etc.  Remember how large his platform was and how much press he and his followers received?  It wouldn't be long before he was murdered in attempt to slow progress. 

Researcher Steve Cokely, who passed away in April 2012, spent some time over the years pointing the finger at Jesse Jackson, a King follower, calling him a Judas.  He blamed him as well as others who were a part of  King's assassination.  The following videos provide some disturbing information of the key players during the civil rights movement and how various events systematically brought King down.

Cokely brought much information to the public in an effort to get listeners to think about our government's laws, world power players, secret societies, media, current events and more.  He and his family was targeted by various establishments for Cokely's revealing truth.  Below is the speaker's last interview prior to his death.  He had promised to reveal the names of the benefactors behind rising gas prices.  He didn't live long enough to do so.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Anger the Wrong People, Affect Dollars and Cents, Break an Oath...

It's lights out for some big mouth rappers, a step down from the spotlight when one loses control, fame, money, popularity, and whatever else after being on top. 

Couldn't help but notice the seizures Lil Wayne has had over a short period of time.  Couldn't help but notice his increase in drug usage.  Couldn't help but notice his sudden retirement.  Couldn't help but notice the all-too-popular weapons possession charge ...couldn't help but notice who he belongs to and why he and his career is being flipped upside down!

Observe the world around you, more specifically the sports world.  The NBA, NFL and other sporting leagues don't want the bad publicity, because bad news eventually means eye-opening experiences for the discerning.  Those who have small platforms can't shout loud enough at these manipulative, cheating, sporting industries where the masses can hear, but a popular rapper like Lil Wayne, well that man has some degree of star power.  If he can insult beloved, teacher's pets of the NBA and insult one's wife, then what else might he say or do?  Time to put the baby to sleep, he's a threat. 

Ever wonder why celebrities are so respectful and loyal to other celebrities--always being careful not to rock the boat?  Because they know not to bite the hand that feeds them by not playing by the book.  "Secret societies want my mind, soul and my body..." as one rapper put it.

The following are some interesting pieces about Lil Wayne's issues recently:

A timeline leading up to Lil Wayne's jail time back in 2010

Attempted to launch a skate park and had some problems

 Miami Heat Rant - February 2013

Seizures  NOTE: During October 2012 Lil Wayne had seizures then and some fans thought he had died.

WHAT's WITH THE SEIZURES?  Drugs or being drugged?

Another rapper that has undergone similar events in recent years is Tone Loc.  Like Lil Wayne, Tone Loc had seizures too.  In the past, the over 40 year old rapper has also had to deal with a gun charge and domestic violence accusations.  He pleaded innocent to his charges.

See below:

Tone Loc weapons charge

Tone Loc altercation with child's mother

Tone Loc seizures Iowa

Tone Loc had refused to go to hospital after seizure

Tone Loc collapses Atlanta

What is interesting prior to Tone Loc's seizure incident in Atlanta Rick Ross had one.

Rick Ross had two seizures while riding on plane

Note:  many rappers have had to deal with weapons charges.  Makes you wonder, what is going on in the Hip Hop Industry.  Could it be that someone or a group encourages the ignorant to do stupid things to affect their careers and then later use those same things against them later?

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A Title, Award, Fame, Power - All Distractions

What is keeping you from knowing the truth about a situation, family member, favorite entertainer, or even when it comes to your finances?  Sometimes it is the glitter and glitz of seeing a celebrity in person wearing an over-priced suit.  Other times you marvel over the many accomplishments of one who has name recognition from around the world.  Periodically, you might find yourself admiring the relationship of others so you permit that to sway you from researching anymore about truth, "Don't ask anymore questions," you warn yourself while in the presence of a relative or friend. 

Those that claim, "I don't care...I am not easily impressed with people..." are usually the ones that are often misled the minute their favorite person shows up with what they believe is trustworthy truth.  The best way to get to anyone, including a skeptic or one who considers his or her self wise, is to reach the ears of those who are closest to him or her with an unpleasant truth.  This is how one who we think is smart, popular, powerful and the like begins to take the slow or fast spiral downward in his or her family, career or elsewhere.  He or she listens without considering the source because well of course, "She is my dear friend of over ten years...He is trustworthy...I love them dearly, they would never..."  Far too many people are overly confident in flawed, money-loving, overly sexualized human beings with a weakness for the demonic.

Titles, awards, fame, power and other things that programmable puppets consider important are mere distractions.  A name without a title or something behind it that shouts, "You are someone worth listening to..." means nothing in America!  No one in any professional industry would give any downright foolish or talentless person a second thought if he or she wasn't connected with someone or a group with name recognition.  "Oh she worked with...Oh he knows...Okay let's hear what they've got!"  says the producer/owner/CEO. 

The problem with many individuals who stumble across real truth is that once they see it for what it is, they find themselves looking for excuses not to believe it.  They insult messengers with frivolous arguments, bad mouth sincerely caring individuals, and will go so far as to either lie, cover up, or stay mum about the recently discovered truth.  Why?  Because ultimately one's ego, title, award, power, fame, etc. is more important than the truth, and for that, it isn't any wonder why so many are hoodwinked out of money, marriages, property, position, and more. 

Look beyond the distractions, my friend!

Nicholl McGuire is the author of Know Your Enemy: The Christian's Critic.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

G. Craig Lewis Says the Devil Always Demands a Dead Sacrifice

Brother G. Craig Lewis speaks before Christian audiences about the Hip Hop Industry.  With detailed analysis, visual aids and more, he provides examples and personal experience about the Satanic music industry.  Lewis has received much criticism from music fans and has been accused of being a false prophet.  The truth hurts!

Check out one of his videos that provides spiritual commentary of well-known rappers Tupac, Biggie and R&B singer and actress Aaliyah.  If the following link is broken, search G.Craig Lewis Hip Hop and PRDirector1.

See here:

Rappers Give Insight About How Entertainers are Treated by The Powers that Be

Disgruntled recording artists share truth when things aren't looking right with them and record sales are plummeting.  In the following videos, you hear what goes on behind the scenes in the music industry.  It's all about making that money!!! 
Rapper Kanye West has been known for speaking out about how he feels about certain groups and individuals. 

Rapper Lupe Fiasco talked about experience with Atlanta Records.

Bun B Speaks on Illuminati at his ETHICS OF HIP HOP Panel Discussion | Rice Univ. HERE

Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Late William Milton Cooper Spoke about 9-11 attack before it happened

A researcher, author of Behold a Pale Horse, and a military servicemen for the United States Navy, Bill Cooper, shared information with the public on his radio show that made him a walking target.   One of his shocking mentions was that of 9-11 (before it happened) and how the United States government would blame Osama Bin Laden for the World Trade Center's attack.

Deceased Researcher and Former Music Producer Talked about Secret Society and Entertainment Industry

John Todd shares some insightful information at a Christian gathering about government, secret society, and the entertainment industry.

Ex Member of The Global Elite Tells All

In this video, former investment banker, George Greene, briefly mentions the following:

War in the middle east.

Talk about neutron bomb on Israel.  World War III.

Enemy prison war camp.


Secret city in Russia.

Nuclear bombs.

Other war plans.

The elite controlling the democratic and republican parties and more.

Greene decided to start speaking about plans of the world leaders as a result of a personal insult made by someone who wanted to sleep with his 14 year old daughter. He further explains in video that he began noticing his surroundings, which contained world leaders taking drugs,  so he came to the realization that these people have to be stopped.

Former Member of R&B Group Dru Hill Speaks About the Music Industry

It has been said that many entertainers who have become very successful in the music industry had to sell their souls.  The process happens slowly.  James Green, former member of Dru Hill, said that being in a group selling one's soul doesn't have to occur with all members, all is needed is just one willing to do whatever is asked of him.  He personally didn't take any oaths or sign his name in blood on a contract.

Jesus: A Major Whistleblower in His Time

Tupac was too smart for his own good

Manipulated, bamboozled, tricked, Tupac's weaknesses were used against him( ie.) growing up with lack,) to distract him from his original plan and that was to go back and help many impoverished blacks.  But his image had gradually changed and he became busier with other endeavors ordered by the individuals and group that financed him.  When Tupac realized what was happening, the anger he had for the organization that created and protected him, he would turn against them and they would push back.  Classic example, deviate from the script and another man goes down.

There is a "They" in control of the artists.

They decide whether they live or die.  In this video, "they" is used alot.  Celebrities whether in government, music, arts, media, or in other industries are controlled by groups that are not known among the masses.


Entertainment is More than Just Entertainment But Watch and Pray About Some Researchers

David Icke has been very outspoken about the entertainment industry, secret societies, mind control, and other related subject matter.  Many researchers question why is he still alive.  Some have said he sold out and he is a disinformation agent.

Jordan Maxwell shares insight about the entertainment industry and how movies are used to program the masses.  But he too has been accused by researchers of selling out.  This video shows that Maxwell and Icke are working for dark entities.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

False Flag Operations: What Is It? What to Watch Out For?

Military , Economic and Informational False Flags. 

It's not so much how you feel about a subject matter, but what is truth and what is lie?  The feelings are nothing more than mere distractions from what really matters and that is the truth.  Watch as well as pray.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Don Cheadle Spoke Out About Selective Editing in Media

It was just a simple Twitter post that spoke volumes made by actor and activist Don Cheadle about NBC's handling of the Zimmerman 911 call. In case you forgot, this was the story about a young black teen, Trayvon Martin, fatally shot by a neighborhood watch volunteer, George Zimmerman.  In support of the fallen victim, many put their hoods up while the case was being investigated.

Cheadle accused NBC of misleading the public in the way that they edited the Zimmerman 911 call. One detail edited was Zimmerman's assumption the teen was black without any prompting from the 911 call operator.  The actor writes on Twitter and comments to a follower which was picked up by Twitchy, an entertainment social blog,  
"Dear NBC News, Huh???

It was "an error made in the production process that we deeply regret." Really? "Error?" Anybody out there know anything about editing?

Unless the AVID malfunctioned, SOMEBODY was faking the funk. Why?, is the question. What was furthered beyond NBC news ratings?

Dangerous subject matter to be f*cking with. Irresponsible, incendiary and completely counter to the furtherance of justice for either side

Edited, produced, AND greenlit to air. The greatest responsibility lies with those listed but in the inverse order.

Truth doesn't need "help." If Zimmerman is proven guilty of a crime he should be charged accordingly and prosecuted to the full extent."
"One more outburst like that and we will..." that's what I was thinking.  What are the chances that someone who isn't quite sold on the story of poor black boy shot for doing nothing more than walking down the street was murdered is going to think?  I will tell you what I thought, "Choose wisely what battle you want to use your platform to promote change."  These entertainers know that you don't bite the hand that feeds you.  Many of these media power players are one big family, so to speak.  If one doesn't like this entertainer and that one for speaking out about a certain subject matter, it means nothing to silence them.   I recall a verse in the Bible that talks about not getting involved in another man's quarrel.  Was any of us there to know what really happened?  Imagine this for a moment, a guy comes up to a teen in the dark and asks him a question like, "What are you doing here?"  The boy gets an attitude and starts cursing.  Let's say the guy attempts to man-handle him.  The boy goes off, "What the...!?  So he starts giving that man a beating of his life.  In a rage, ashamed, confused, and shocked, the man, reaches for his weapon and kills him.  End of story.  No hoods up, no celebrities commenting, and no parents saying too much because they know how their smart mouth kids can be.  But then the media shows up and the whole thing gets blown out of proportion to the point that people are watching their calendars to find out when the suspect is going to be brought to justice.

Don Cheadle has been active in our world on a variety of issues such as the Lazarus Effect, red pills that some media reports claim to help those who are suffering from AIDs in Africa live longer.  Notice in the following video, Cheadle, as well as other celebrities around the web, talk about the "Red" campaign.  I am always overly cautious about any heavy promotion of anything with star-power behind it.  Cheadle has also been outspoken in the past:  about issues in Darfur, voting, and the government's handling of certain political issues.  In the last video, as seen below, at a conference he shares his opinion somewhat, but carefully.  He isn't so straightforward like he was in his Tweet about the Trayvon Martin case.

It seems that because this actor has played in movies in the past that exposed issues in foreign countries and has a large international following, he is used as a mouthpiece to "make this world better for the people."  Nothing wrong with that; however, take your eyes off the star for a moment and what you will be left with is a question, "Who or what stands behind this man?"  Consider redirecting your focus from Cheadle to the rich and powerful groups of this world who decide what is important and what is not--at least for a time--follow the money trail.  Ask yourself, "What do these stars really want with me?"  I'll take the liberty to answer that, your money, time and mind to help them spread their affiliations' propaganda.  Will you be getting paid?  No.  Will you make a guest appearance on someone's show?  Most likely not.  Will they help you with your existing business?  It all depends.  What are your connections? 

When the latest tragedy, event, issue, campaign etc. fades to black, on to the next hot topic for the celebrity.  Every star knows he or she has to stay relevant and useful even if these things aren't the first things on his or her mind, they are important, because bills have to get paid and guilty feelings have to be put at ease if he or she has done some strange things in the entertainment idustry in the past that this person may not want to get out.  This isn't to say Cheadle has done any of these things, but there are many, many entertainers who have.  The witnesses from servers to maintenance men at celebrity functions, homes and elsewhere have anonmously reported many things in mainstream media.  But I digress...

Compare Cheadle's rogue tweets with the videos below.  Do you see the difference? Cheadle does what many stars do, he uses his platform to share a message.  When the celebrity is on camera, in a controlled atmosphere, he is less likely to come off wrong, say things he later regrets, and most likely someone watching he or she during an interview can flag him or her not to say that, wrap it up, hold your hand this way, look that way, etc. 

When the star is off camera, with no managers, public relations people, and others, they aren't always prepped or told what to do and say and this is where they can get themselves into trouble.  If a star stops loving money and goods so much, undo his or her brainwashing of needing a lavish lifestyle that is far more than enough, he or she wouldn't have to worry over whether saying or doing the wrong thing might lead to a career suicide. 

Sooner or later, one will reach a crossroads in the pursuit of truth that will look something like this in one's conscience mind, "Do this and say that to free the people knowing full well what the consequences will be? Or say that and do that just enough to win friends on both sides while still getting a paycheck?" Hmm.

Notice how much power a person, who plays other characters, receives from the public.  Did you see how he can use his platform "to apply pressure" on certain political figures to bring attention to a matter that truly has nothing to do with the masses?  But because many love his movies and has listened to him in the past, they will respond, "Okay Don Cheadle, I will do what you say."  What is scary about this and other videos on this site is that, you have gullible people you probably know in your own circles that you have tried repeatedly to get them to do certain things like pay attention to your family, teach your children,  exercise, eat healthy, etc. but if a celebrity, who doesn't know anything about them, came into their homes and told them, "You need to...You should...Why don't you...?" you know they would listen at least for a time.  Money and power go hand and hand and it can be used to get the so-called elect of our society to do things they wouldn't ordinarily do.  Use your own money, power and platform wisely, you never know who is watching and listening.

Speak Out About What You Do in Your Private Time Expect Backlash

It doesn't matter whether a person is affiliated with a religion, grew up with a racist or marched with sexist relatives to further divide the sexes, or simply doesn't like people, if you expose yourself to those who already have personal issues with "your kind" then don't get angry, plot revenge, or act shocked.  You told people what you are, what you do, or what you like and now you have put yourself out there to be accepted or rejected.

I personally find it useless and silly to keep berating people about what one likes or doesn't like.  Simply state how you feel and if their are those who are in support, so be it, but if not, we move on.  However, some groups want to shove personal preference down our throats as if it is the gospel of Jesus Christ, and that somehow if we just believe all might be saved from the gay man's wrath, the feminist's rage, and everyone else in between who would like to cast revenge on those who don't go along just to get along.

CNN anchor, Don Lemon, a respected black man in many circles, added the title gay to his profile and it didn't cause people to want to stop watching him, but it did get many to start thinking.  Now I don't mention him, because I want to devote a piece to homosexuals; rather, I would like to share the comment he made about Jonah Hill being "a tool."  On November 9, 2012, US Weekly reported the following, "The 46-year-old TV journalist got into a Twitter war with the 21 Jump Street actor Nov. 8. "Said hi to Jonah in a hotel," Lemon wrote.  "Think he thought I was a bellman. Didn't know his name til the bellman told me. A lesson to always be kind."  Lemon later  that Hill, 28, 'was a tool.'"

Now in the past, I referenced Lemon's statement on another blog, because I was making a point about how actors are used in the entertainment industry like tools to promote a select club's agenda.  But I am going to take it one step further based on Lemon's comment and how it relates to his sexuality. 

When Lemon came out, you know he wasn't well-received by all.  So it would make sense for those not in agreement with his open lifestyle to start using fellow actors to ignore, ridicule, or do other things to make the person feel so bad about what he or she has done that eventually they will self-sabotage. (That's right I said "actors" because journalists are just like entertainers in mainstream media too--used to stimulate, sway, and get the masses to "like" and "be a fan,")

Anyone, man, woman or child, who lives in such a way that goes against the norm, so to speak, will eventually feel the pain of the majority.  As much as groups work hard to get others to accept them, as long as we live in a world with opinion, critical thinking skills, religion, rights, laws, personal experience, morals, and free speech, people will think the way they want no matter how many incentives, promises, schemes, lies, or tricks a group uses to get the public to accept whatever whenever.

Personal preference is always a personal decision and if you invite others into your world, expect backlash.  If a righteous man will be criticized for doing the right thing, what do you think might happen to any one of us for speaking truth about any and all things whether right or wrong?

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Just When You Were Sold on the Cop-Killer Story...

With no substantial proof, other than a manifesto (that anyone could have written) and some assorted items sent to a media organization known for telling lies, a whistleblower is labeled as a cop-killer.  No security cameras show him killing anyone.  The manifesto could not be authenticated by CNN before it was presented.  Then after two days of not seeing or hearing anything new about the suspect, since the release of the news story, a couple video tapes show up with this "Dorner" (whose name is similar to Drone), making a purchase and throwing some things away.  Then we see an ariel view of a burning cabin in Big Bear.  The excuse made about the lack of news coverage for a time was that they didn't want their investigation disrupted.
So what happened during those two days, really?  A news source that is well-known in Mexico reports that Dorner said, "It's not me!"  He also wanted his mother to know he was okay.  Did the American authorities call the ignorant Dorner back to town to make a few appearances on camera to validate this false story only to kill him later?  Was the ex-cop nothing more than a face used to promote some major changes? 
Dorner was supposedly the first human tracked with spy drones.  Was this situation used to present the use of the spy drones to the already brainwashed public who believed Dorner killed the cops?  Do you still believe that this man killed anyone? 
Interesting the following story never saw the light of day in the states.  Also, it would make sense why Mexico came up in the media, not because Dorner took off to go there, but maybe he was already there and caught wind possibly of the plot to implicate him, hmm.  The Mark Furhman reference seems false, considering the bad reputation that man has, but then again if you want to look like you put your bias racial views behind you, then why not partner with a black man?  But those who already believe one false story will most likely discredit any that might have some truth in them.

How soon you forget, there were similar situations in the most recent past of the lone gunman taking anti-depressants.   You might remember the computer programmer, John McAfee founder of McAfee anti-virus software, who was running for his life too, accused of killing his neighbors. The story faded to black.

Monday, February 11, 2013

A Deliberate Dumbing Down Of A Population

When a group or individual tries to get the truth out about your health, so-called experts rise up  and discredit the whistleblowers, distractions are created, and even your own doctor or dentist will say, "There is nothing's okay."  The following are videos to enlighten about some issues that you may have never thought too much about because they most likely didn't make the front page of your major search engines or showed up on television evening news. 

Scientist Who Spoke Out on Fluoride Ordered Reinstated to Job  (This article was printed back in 1994)  Have you heard scientists losing their job since then for revealing information about  fluoride?

More dumbing down tactics....

"Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt is an American freelance writer and whistleblower who served as a Senior Policy Advisor in the Office of Educational Research and Improvement, U.S. Department of Education" - Wikipedia.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Child Stars Talking About Personal Experiences with Sexual Abuse

Todd Bridges warned many about pedophilia in Hollywood, yet parents desperate for money insist on making their children the next superstar.  We see the slow decline of many young people entering the industry.  They start their careers appearing very innocent, but before long their handler's are giving them drugs, alcohol and even providing them with sex.  From the acting couch to the football locker room, more than likely a child or young adult is being abused right now and the parent doesn't even bother to investigate for fear of losing money, clout, opportunity, etc.

In both of these interviews, it is clear to see how childhood abuse affects one's personality in such a way that he or she is very angry, hides behind mask, or downplays events as if they aren't so bad.  Unfortunately, Corey Haim died in 2010, two years after the A&E reality show, The Two Coreys, ended.  According to Wikipedia, cause of death pneumonia.  At one point Feldman was going to state names of his abusers, but since then has shared nothing.

Sage Moonblood Stallone Was On His Way to the Top But Then...

Sometimes when you read about celebrities, you notice some odd things.  You know that media will not explore certain topics, because they are controlled by editors, and the editors are controlled by owners, and so on.  So pressing questions never get answered. 

When I stumbled upon Sage Moonblood Stallone's tragedy, I saw that some things didn't quite look right.  Here was a son of a successful and well-known Hollywood A-lister, Sylvester Stallone, up and coming and suddenly deceased.  On many news media outlets, it was reported that Sage didn't use drugs.  So if anyone or group implied such, the family was making sure he would not be remembered that way.

Sage produced a short film in 2006, entitled Vic. The movie description is quite simple, an award-winning actor down on his luck after years of not working as an actor is contacted to appear in a film.  In one scene, the has-been actor (something no one who has been out of the industry for a long time wants to be called) is offended that he is asked to come down to read for the director.  He is insulted by this request, because for someone who has already proven his ability for over 30 years, why does he have to come in for a reading?  Just a movie, huh? 

So with this information, I couldn't help, but see how revealing it is.  Sage may have been sharing a tad bit of his dad's personal life in that movie--who knows?  As we all know, Stallone was seen by the public as Rocky and he had a tough guy image that he couldn't get away from even if he tried.  People respected him like they would a boxer even though he didn't professionally box--remember that boxing contest show that he had with Sugar Ray Leonard?  Many years had gone by for Stallone without him starring in those block-buster kind of movies.  Stallone had to make his return. 

Now it is 2013, and Sage's father is back in the spotlight.

Sage had appeared in films with his dad in the past.  He didn't hesitate to share with People magazine as a child back in 1986 about wanting to be with his dad.  He expressed real emotions in a tear-jerking scene in Rocky V where he played Rocky Balboa's son crying out to his dad.  He desired his attention and wanted him to be in his life.  In reality, after 11 years of marriage, Sage's mother and father had divorced.

Sage Moonblood Stallone died on July 13, 2012 at age 36.  His dad was promoting a film at that time.  Weeks prior to his death, family hadn't heard from him so the media reports.  However, Sage's Facebook account showed that 17 hours prior to his body being discovered he had uploaded photos to his social networking page.  When paramedics arrived at Sage's residence, the room where his body was found, was littered with trash and reeked of bad odors, according to the same report. 

Rumors had circulated that Sage had committed suicide, but were quickly dispelled because stories like the following showed he had planned to marry.  See here: Sage Stallone Prior to Death Was Set to Wed

Sage was a man who once was a small boy who wanted his dad's attention like any other child of a dad who works alot.  He most likely wanted to marry, have children of his own, and give them what he couldn't get.  However, as we all know, that no matter what a parent does, if a son or daughter is still angry with mom and dad, he or she may act rebellious and say and do things to defy authority, but commit suicide at 36--I doubt that, but then I don't personally know him either.  Keep in mind, he did put together a short film that could have offended a certain someone or group in the industry. 

As you should know by now, there are many moms and dads in the entertainment world who have taken oaths to be in clubs then when things go bad, they start talking.  Rebellious children can't say and do whatever they want, so the rules most likely apply to the families of these A-listers too.  Notice how many children of entertainers rarely come out and say one bad word about mom or dad and they won't even go so far as to badmouth them just a little in public either.  But if they tried, well a handler could just put them on legal or illegal drugs to quiet them, now couldn't they?

Note:  I could have included many film names in this article, but I refrained to do so because I am not going to advertise for them in this work.  Two mentions are plenty.

Michael Jackson Exposed the Entertainment Industry Game and the End Result...

No matter what an artist does to face, hair, body, and anything else on one's body to try to fit in,  underneath it all, he or she is still whatever the racist, ignorant, or crazy believe him or her to be-- inferior.  
Although many loved Michael Jackson's performance, he was still a singing and dancing black man (and I say that nicely because there are those who referred to him and his family early in their careers with a harsh name) selected to entertain the masses and spread whatever message they wanted him to send. 
When MJ got tired of playing their game, he awoke and when he did, he started trying to wake others up too.  The more he talked, it seemed the closer to death he got.  First a slow death of his reputation which led to a death of his career which ultimately led to an end of his life.

It's a Big Club and You Ain't In It - Carlin Died

Since this recording, did you notice the signs that have gone up here and there with the words, "Obey" on them.  Have you bothered to look at the club's handsigns being displayed on the wealthiest hands in our society?  No, my friend, you nor I are in the Big Club.  Many researchers have determined that America is being run by foreigners.  Do your research!  This is why Carlin repeatedly said, "They don't give a ....about you!"  Michael Jackson warned you too, "They don't care about us."  But you don't listen.  Working long hours for someone or group you don't know is more important than giving the best of who you are spiritually to your family.  We all need to get our priorities straight!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Rappers Speaking Out to Awaken People Cost Them Their Lives

Are you willing to be a martyr for telling people the truth--any truth--about a group or individual controlling your creative flow to fulfill one's sinister deeds? 

Created scripts of wars that really aren't ongoing in the rap game.  Discrediting those who expose the truth so that one might continue to make millions.  These things and more go on in the entertainment world.  Although some of these rappers appear ignorant and don't speak well, they are speaking truth in the midst of lies.  They want to be heard.  But who will take one seriously from the projects with gold-teeth in his or her mouth and can barely pronounce words? 

The elitists know what they are doing.  Taking advantage of the poor and uneducated to promote their twisted doctrines.  Didn't the Holy Bible warn us of false prophets?  For some from "the hood," the rapper is their prophet.  It's time for many rapper prophets to come clean.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Blogger Nicholl McGuire Shares Eye-Opening Information at Hub Pages

For some of you readers, you may have heard of Hub Pages.  A site that is similar to blogger that provides many readers with personal commentary about all sorts of subject matter.  They Lie Wait Blogger and Author of Know Your Enemy: The Christian's Critic, Nicholl McGuire shares her personal perspective, provides resources and more about the entertainment industry here.
Also, listen to McGuire's audio from a spiritual point of view too on YouTube.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Navy Seal Sniper Dies Almost a Year Later after Book Release

Navy Seal sniper went from marketing his book to talking about gun violence.  He already took a risk writing the book about his military experience then he used his platform to influence the public on a touchy subject. RIP Chris Kyle.

Look up Chris Kyle on Gun Violence or watch video here.

Navy SEAL Sniper Chris Kyle Tells O'Reilly: I Decked Jesse Ventura

Jesse Ventura Responds - Navy Seal Punch ( FULL INTERVIEW )
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