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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Psychological Warfare Has Been Long at Work to Keep Voters Divided - No Woman, Not Another Black Man, No Latino for President

Media got your angry, real angry!  You may not have realized and you may still be thinking like you have complete control over your opinions, ideas, and more.  However, you and I and many others were being manipulated once again by the media not to even consider voting for anyone we choose, but for the person the elitists have long ago decided.  This always happens nearing and during an election season.  Those who observe the psychological tactics, spiritual warfare and motives will go to work fighting against the elitists favorites along the journey to the White House.  So how does one get caught up the trickery?  He or she is played like a pawn based on one's personal irritations, ignorance, and past behavior at the election polls among other things.

The blogs, surveys, vlogs, polls, family traditions, buying habits, social media conversations and more reveal what you like and don't like.  That information is then used to sway your belief system in a favorable direction orchestrated by those who have vested interest in getting the "right" candidate into office.

For instance, BeyoncĂ© is one of those entertainers that has been used like a puppet to distract the masses.  Those of us who wee heavily influenced by her independent woman crusade ended up being shifted from a "I can do anything mindset" to being drawn into relationship drama/blues.  Really, did we need this leading up and during an election season?  Apparently so.  Hillary was on the ticket and if BeyoncĂ©'s previous movement would have gained momentum, there wouldn't have been much competition.  All the single ladies, independent women, disgruntled wives, and more would be standing behind her.  But then a group got the bright idea to start parading white women with black men a little more than usual everywhere.  Now what was the intent?  To divide blacks and whites up.  Most people know that older black women are not too happy about decent African American men hooking up, dating or marrying white women.  So subliminally they aren't all that excited about white women especially when they work for and with them five days a week.  It wasn't any surprised that they started considering Trump of all people.  Heartbroken, angry, and prejudice black woman don't mind supporting someone who has already shown he too has his share of demons.  In addition, he also is an outspoken, straightforward, at times igonorant, and bold type too.

How about another example?  Long before Hillary and Trump were separated from the pack of president hopefuls, the systematic brainwashing of swinging the public away from the lesser known names like with Sanders (notice his sound is often muted during commercials and short news bits, but I digress) had begun.  Black men were getting beat up, racial issues were arising, and so the majority of the public wasn't the least bit interested in seeing another black man in office--that was the goal.  Around that time, Obama looked weak and wasn't saying or doing too much from the start of the mayhem (remember all the stories of the police officers getting away with killing blacks over stupid things and so Black Lives Matters was birth to calm the public down a bit) then gradually we see more of Obama.  The plan: keep Carson out of office among other things like divide the races once again.

From the music to movie selections especially media that comes on during peak listening/watching hours is always a message, one that is covert, "Vote for who we say...Listen and obey."  You are reminded of this even when you walk outside of your home and see someone wearing a cheap t-shirt (that was meant to be affordable and worn in primarily troubled areas). 

While the masses falsely believe they know what they want, the mind control effects tell them what they should do.  Programming is moderated on and offline and how well it has taken effect will show up once again in yet another poll.

Shall we go on?  Latinos in media wasn't looking so good either early on this election season.  If anything, there wasn't too much said about them (other than immigration and wall news) until Trump started spewing some ignorance and getting the masses fired up.  This led to many running over to Hillary's side--clever, wasn't it?  The elitists in control of much government and media entities was giving the world an illusion (and still is) of a real presidential race.  It would have been too obvious that big business wanted Trump.  Meanwhile, the Latino vote was scripted, aided, and influenced by those in favor of Hillary.  It didn't take much to push a talkative Trump to say something dumb.  Those behind the scenes know full well what Trup's personality is like and they play on his weaknesses.  When his loose lips worked to bring down a few ships, that wasn't good enough, how about he say some more ignorant things and just maybe the public would lose faith in him?  Well not all programming works, now does it?  But some intelligent public relations folks along with teams of brainwashed citizens will make you falsely believe you have power, even when you don't.  Taking a survey has more leverage at least plans can be orchestrated with your needs in mind if nothing else.
It is safe to say that the end result will be by design this election season like it has always been.  Enjoy the guessing game.

As we mature and break all sorts of programming from family to military, remember there is always a battle for your mind in mainstream media.  No show is broadcasted over the airwaves solely for your enjoyment.  No music is played over and over again just because a group has shown interest.  And no candidate is chosen just because you got off of your butt and placed a vote that may or may not count.  Do your research and avoid believing the hype that a group, agenda or system is fair, honest and in your best interest.

Nicholl McGuire

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